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Image of Rhododendron

Gerald L. Klingaman

(Evergreen Azalea, Satsuki Azalea, Wakaebisu Azalea)

The Satsuki Azalea 'Wakaebisu' is an evergreen shrub whose large single light pink blooms have a rose-red blotch. The many funnel shaped blooms are borne in few-flowered clusters in spring and late spring. The small leaves are elliptical, glossy green. The low slow-growing plants are spreading, well branched and dense.

Prized for their large flowers and compact habit, Satsuki Azaleas descend from Rhododendron indicum, Rhododendron eriocarpum, and other species and hybrids....

(Rhododendron, War Dance Rhododendron)

Bearing showy flowers on plants that are much broader than tall, this hybrid rhododendron bears large spherical clusters of bright currant-red blooms in mid-spring. The wide-flaring, wavy-edged, funnel-shaped flowers have a black blotch on their upper lobes. This chest-high cultivar is densely furnished with long elliptic dark green leaves.

Like most rhododendrons, 'War Dance' prefers some shade and a highly organic acid soil that is evenly moist but well-drained. Plant it shallowly and mulch...

(Evergreen Azalea)

Sumptuous deep red flowers cover the dense upright evergreen azalea 'Ward's Ruby' in mid-spring. The unscented, broadly funnel-shaped flowers have a darker zone at the base of their upper lobes. The oval glossy dark green leaves take on burgundy and bronze tints in winter. This cultivar slowly forms a rounded waist-high shrub.

The Kurume Hybrids result from some 300 years of hybridizing in Japan. Their ancestry likely includes Rhododendron kaempferi, R. kiusianum,...

Image of Rhododendron

Mark A. Miller

(Evergreen Azalea, Robin Hill Azalea, Watchet Azalea)

Azalea ‘Watchet’ bears large blooms of strong pink with a darker pink spotted blotch. The flowers appear in the mid to late spring. The flowers are single, widely funnel-shaped and have wavy edges. The plants are dwarf, rounded, and dense. Evergreen leaves are narrowly elliptical, glossy and medium green.

Robin Hill hybrid azaleas are a large group of evergreen shrubs that were hybridized in New Jersey by chemist and rhododendron enthusiast, Robert Gartrell. They are complex hybrids which combine...

(Phipps Hybrid Rhododendron, Rhododendron, Wheatley Rhododendron)

Hardy in constitution and spectacular in flower, 'Wheatley' is one of many large-leaved rhododendron hybrids developed by William E. Whitney of Brinnon, Washington. It bears showy spherical clusters of fragrant soft purple-pink flowers in mid-spring. The wide-flaring, ruffled, funnel-shaped blooms have pale pink centers and greenish-yellow marking on their upper lobes. This dense upright medium-sized to tall shrub has long elliptic medium-green leaves.

Like most rhododendrons, 'Wheatley' favors...

(Hybrid Azalea, Rutherford Hybrid Azalea, White Gish Hybrid Azalea)

One of the Rutherford Hybrid azaleas, this evergreen shrub bears showy clusters of ruffled white flowers with ivory centers from early to mid-spring. It may also bloom in fall and winter in frost-free climates. The flowers are hose-in-hose (with two "stacked" whorls of petals). The compact rounded plants have elliptic mid-green leaves.

Tracing their ancestry to the Kurume Hybrids as well as to several East Asian species including Rhododendron simsii, R. indicum,...

(Brooks Hybrid Azalea, Evergreen Azalea, White Grandeur Azalea)

This Brooks Hybrid azalea bears large long-lasting white blossoms with greenish speckles on their upper lobes. The ruffled, semi-double, funnel-shaped flowers appear in early spring. This rounded thigh-high shrub has elliptical leaves that hold their dark glossy-green color year-round. The product of crosses between Belgian Indica, Southern Indica, Kurume, and other hybrid azaleas, Brooks Hybrids are heat- and drought-tolerant evergreen azaleas bred in Modesto, California.

Brooks Hybrid...

Image of Rhododendron

Auburn University Horticulture Department, Auburn, AL

(Hybrid Azalea, Southern Indica Hybrid Azalea, White Lace Hybrid Azalea)

A heat-tolerant Southern Indica Hybrid, this evergreen azalea bears showy clusters of large white flowers from early to mid-spring. The funnel-shaped blooms have green-tinged throats. The broad, rounded, shoulder-high plants are densely furnished with handsome dark green leaves.

Selected in the Southeast United States for their tolerance of hot humid conditions, Southern Indica azaleas descend from the Belgian Indica Group. Their ancestry includes the East Asian species Rhododendron simsii,...

Image of Rhododendron

Bosh Bruening

(Evergreen Azalea, Robin Hill Azalea, White Moon Azalea)

The Robin Hill azaleas result from crosses between the Satsuki hybrids and other, hardier evergreen azaleas. The flowers of the Robin Hill cultivar 'White Moon' are a striking, glistening white, sometimes with pale-yellow, pink, or purple markings. Its habit is dense, rounded, and compact. 'White Moon' prefers partial sun and well-drained, acid, humus-rich soil. It is well suited for traditional Japanese gardens, rock gardens, mass plantings, and containers.

Image of Rhododendron

Auburn University Horticulture Department, Auburn, AL

(Evergreen Azalea)

This Robin Hill azalea bears showy clusters of large white single flowers in late spring. The broad flat-faced wavy-edged blooms are sometimes splashed with pink or red markings. The low broad mounded plants are densely furnished with small elliptic glossy-green leaves.

A group of evergreen azaleas developed by Robert Gartrell of New Jersey, Robin Hill Hybrids combine the large flowers of tender azalea hybrids with the cold-tolerance of hardy hybrids.

Robin Hill azaleas prefer sites...