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(Nearing Hybrid Rhododendron)

Guy Nearing of New Jersey developed numerous outstanding rhododendron cultivars over several decades of hybridizing. Nearing Hybrids are noted for their hardiness, adaptability, excellent habit, and showy spring flowers. Although compact small-leaved cultivars such as 'Ramapo' and 'Windbeam' are the best known of the Nearing Hybrids, they also include many meritorious large-leaved rhododendrons, among them 'Mountain Aura' and 'Haag's Choice'. Like most rhododendrons, Nearing Hybrids typically...

(North Tisbury Hybrid Azalea, Polly Hill Hybrid Azalea)

North Tisbury Hybrids are hardy low-growing evergreen azaleas introduced by Polly Hill of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Most are hybrids of Rhododendron nakaharai, a prostrate evergreen azalea from Taiwan. They bear showy clusters of relatively small funnel-shaped flowers on low, mounded, sometimes mat-forming plants with small elliptical to oval leaves. The spring flowers are typically single and in shades of pink, red, or white. Some cultivars have bronze fall and winter foliage.


(Nuccio Hybrid Azalea)

Since the 1930s, Julius and Joe Nuccio of Altadena, California, have bred and introduced numerous evergreen hybrid azaleas of diverse lineage and characteristics. Many were developed for greenhouse forcing, but all are also lovely in the landscape, particularly in mild climates.

These evergreen shrubs are grown for their showy spring blooms. The leaves are often dark green and hairy. Flowers are usually broadly funnel-shaped and ruffled and are borne in clusters near the ends of the branches....

Image of Rhododendron (P J M Hybrid) photo by: Gerald L. Klingaman

Gerald L. Klingaman

(PJM Hybrid Rhododendron)

Touted to be among the hardiest, easiest to grow and heaviest blooming rhododendrons, the PJM Hybrids are popular and widely planted. They are compact, evergreen and result from a cross between the North American R. minus var. minus Carolinianum Group and the Asian Rhododendron dauricum. The hybrids were developed at Weston Nurseries in Massachusetts by famed nurseryman Peter J. Mezitt.

The beautiful, rounded shrubs are densely clothed in dark green, shiny...

(Pericat Hybrid Azalea)

Comprising more than 40 named cultivars, the Pericat hybrid azaleas likely have Kurume and Belgian Indica hybrids in their lineage. Developed for greenhouse growing by Alphonse Pericat of Collingdale, Pennsylvania, they are noted for their showy spring flowers – which are typically larger than those of Kurume azaleas – and for their compact rounded form. The broadly funnel-shaped single, semi-double, or double blooms are usually red or pink and are sometimes ruffled. The small elliptic or lance-shaped...

(Phipps Hybrid Rhododendron)

Known especially for his work with Dexter Hybrids, Howard Phipps of Westbury, New York, developed numerous hardy large-leaved rhododendron hybrids. They bear showy rounded clusters of wide-flaring funnel-shaped flowers in spring. The red, pink, purple, yellow, or white blooms often have a contrasting blotch on their upper lobe. The typically medium-sized plants have large leaves that are often glossy dark green. Among the best-known of these hybrids is 'Wheatley', with fragrant rose-pink blooms. Like...

(Hybrid Rhododendron)

Long cultivated in China and Japan, 'Phoeniceum' and its related cultivars (including 'Maxwellii', 'Smithii', and 'Omurasaki') are tender evergreen azaleas of possible Rhododendron scabrum ancestry. All bear few-flowered clusters of bright purple, funnel-shaped flowers in spring, and form medium-sized, rounded shrubs with hairy twigs and small oval leaves.

Phoeniceum azaleas prefer partial shade and highly organic acid soil that is evenly moist but well-drained. Plant them shallowly...

(Pride Hybrid Rhododendron)

Orlando Pride of Butler, Pennsylvania, bred and introduced numerous hardy evergreen azaleas of Rhododendron kaempferi and Rhododendron yedoense var. poukhanense ancestry. They bear broadly funnel-shaped red, orange, purple, pink, or white flowers in spring. The single blooms often have contrasting markings on their upper lobes The medium-sized rounded plants have relatively small elliptic leaves.

These cold-hardy azaleas prefer partial shade and highly organic acid...

(Evergreen Azalea, Robin Hill Azalea)

Robin Hill hybrid azaleas are a large group of evergreen shrubs that were hybridized in New Jersey by chemist and rhododendron enthusiast, Robert Gartrell. They are complex hybrids which combine the attributes of small-flowered hardy azaleas with those of the more tender large-flowered types. Generally, they are compact, spreading or mounding, have an extended blooming season and bear large flowers on small plants.

This large group of azaleas is quite cold tolerant. Their leaves are generally...

(Rutherford Hybrid Azalea)

Tracing their ancestry to the Kurume Hybrids as well as to several East Asian species including Rhododendron simsii, R. indicum, and R. 'Mucronatum', these evergreen azaleas were developed in Rutherford, New Jersey, for greenhouse forcing, but they also perform well in the landscape in areas where winters are moderate.

These shrubs are grown for their profuse early- to mid-spring flowers and their rounded compact form. The unscented, funnel-shaped, ruffled...