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Image of Narcissus jonquilla photo by: Gerald L. Klingaman

Gerald L. Klingaman


Every gardener who knows them looks forward to the bright fragrant blooms of the jonquil. A small perennial bulb from the Iberian peninsula, it forms robust clumps and self-sows where happy. Additionally, its bulbs, leaves, and flowers contain compounds that repel hungry garden rodents and foraging deer.

The dark green, glossy, rush-like foliage appears as early as autumn in mild climates. At any time from late winter to late spring, depending on the variety and the region, upright, calf-high...

Image of Narcissus papyraceus photo by: International Flower Bulb Centre

International Flower Bulb Centre

(Paperwhite Narcissus)

The small delicate flowers of true paperwhite narcissus are early season jewels that emit a strong distinctive scent. Each bulb produces scapes topped with clusters of small Narcissus blooms with white perianths and tiny white cups. The charming spring bulbs are native to upland Mediterranean regions, from the Riviera to North Africa. Plants are often confused with Narcissus tazetta specimens. (So much so that some taxonomists deem them synonymous, but not all.) Wild populations...

Image of Narcissus tazetta photo by: Michael Charters,

Michael Charters,

(Bunch-flowered Daffodil, Chinese Sacred Lily, French Daffodil)

Spring announces its impending entrance with the French daffodils' fragrant and abundant blooms. A highly variable perennial bulb native to the Mediterranean and naturalized across much of the world, its selections and hybrids once numbered in the hundreds.

Emerging from the ground as early as late fall, the bluish green, upright, keeled foliage appears and resembles grass blades. At any time from midwinter to late spring, depending on the variety and climate, erect stems bear 4 to 20 out-facing,...

Image of Nectaroscordum siculum photo by: Jessie Keith

Jessie Keith

(Sicilian Honey Lily)

A hardy bulbous perennial grown for its subtly beautiful late-spring flowers, this garlic-scented onion relative is native from France to Turkey.

Flattened, spherical bulbs give rise in spring to lax clumps of grassy gray-green leaves that smell like garlic when bruised. The leaves wither in early summer. Graceful clusters of nodding pink and greenish-white bell-flowers are borne atop tall leafless stalks in late spring. The flowers are followed by ornamental tan seed capsules which are held...

Image of Nerine bowdenii photo by: TL


(Cape Lily, Guernsey Lily)

Lilies are a rare sight in the fall landscape, which makes the pink-flowered Guernsey lily an especially welcome garden flower. This late season bloomer offers tall, leafless stems topped with a whorl of delicate, fragrant, ruffled lilies of white or pink. It is native to South Africa and borne from a tender bulb that may become dormant when summer conditions turn hot and dry.

In late fall or early winter, the Guernsey lily produces clumps of broad, strappy leaves of medium green. In its...

(Blue Snake's Beard)

A clumping grass-like evergreen perennial with arching,leathery, strap-shaped leaves. The small white bell-shaped flowers appear in loose clusters at the end of upright or arching stalks in late summer, followed by small violet-blue fruits. There are cultivars with strikingly variegated leaves. For example, 'Vittatus' and 'White Dragon.' There is also a dwarf cultivar, 'Nanus,'useful between pavers.

This plant grows best in full sun with midday shade, or partial shade on humus-rich, well-drained...

(Blue Snake's Beard, Variegated Blue Snake's Beard)

This perennial, ‘Vittatus,’ is descended from an elegant shade-loving, clumping plant traditional in the Asian garden and native to the woodlands of Japan where it came into cultivation early on. It offers the fine texture of an ornamental grass with attractive flowers quite similar to those of the closely related genus, Liriope. It produces many ground-level growing points from which numerous tightly packed ribbon-like leaves rise in a relaxed fountain shape. These leaves are medium-green...

Image of Ornithogalum arabicum photo by: International Flower Bulb Centre

International Flower Bulb Centre

(Arabian Star Flower, Arabian Star-of-Bethlehem)

Beautiful as cut flowers, the long stems of the Arabian star-of-Bethlehem are topped by waxy white flowers in late spring. This bulbous perennial is native to the eastern Mediterranean. Basal rosettes of dark green to dark bluish-green foliage grow up from the bulbs. Although these long strap-like leaves may grow as tall as the flower spike, they usually arch and flop on the ground.

Flowering season ranges from late spring to very early summer. The flower stalk towers upward, with the tip carrying...

Image of Ornithogalum balansae photo by: International Flower Bulb Centre

International Flower Bulb Centre


Virtually unknown in cultivated landscapes, this species of star-of-Bethlehem is a superb spring-flowering perennial for rock and alpine gardens. It's native to the high elevation meadows and screes from the Balkans of southern Europe eastward to Georgia.

A basal rosette of medium green leaves grow from an underground bulb. This foliage is nearly prostrate on the ground. Depending on climate/elevation, flowering occurs anytime from very early spring to the start of summer. From the bulb, a short...

Image of Ornithogalum dubium photo by: Ednie Flower Bulb, Inc.

Ednie Flower Bulb, Inc.

(Snake Flower, Sun Star, Yellow Chincherinchee)

Certain to brighten the winter and spring months with sun-like flowers, the yellow chincherinchee is a perennial bulb. It's native to southern Africa and prospers in mild regions with dry summers. Also called sun star, short blue-green to yellow-green leaves rise from the bulb and tend to lay almost prostrate on the soil.

During the rainier winter months, and lingering into the warming spring, yellow chincherinchee dazzles with flowers. Plants vary in their blossom color, ranging from red-orange...