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Image of Thelypteris kunthii photo by: Grandiflora


(Kunth's Maiden Fern, Southern Shield Fern, Southern Wood Fern, Widespread Maiden Fern)

The Southern Shield Fern is an exceptional deciduous fern native to North America and the West Indies. Its gracefully arching fronds are a medium-green color that turn bronze in the fall. It spreads rapidly via rhizomes to form large colonies. In a shady spot it is drought tolerant but it will also tolerate more sun than most ferns with adequate watering. It makes a great addition to a woodland garden or shady xeriscape.

Image of Thelypteris palustris photo by: Gerald L. Klingaman

Gerald L. Klingaman

(Eastern Marsh Fern)

An attractive, medium-sized, deciduous fern that does well in damp soil, marsh fern occurs throughout much of the middle and upper latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. Its lacy, erect, pale blue-green fronds spread rapidly via wandering underground rhizomes. Spores are borne on fertile fronds whose segments have curled margins.

This hardy, vigorously spreading, moisture-loving fern grows best in partial to full sun. It is adaptable to most soils that are not dry or submerged. It is perfect for...