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(Evergreen Azalea)

One of more than 30 evergreen azaleas developed and named by Gene and Jane Aromi of Mobile, Alabama, 'Hallie' bears showy clusters of large purple-pink flowers in early to mid-spring. The ruffled unmarked flowers are hose-in-hose (with "stacked" whorls of petals). This dense rounded chest-high shrub has medium-sized elliptic mid-green leaves. This azalea prefers partial shade and highly organic acid soil that is evenly moist but well drained. Plant it shallowly and mulch well to conserve moisture...

(Evergreen Azalea, Hampton Beauty Azalea, Pericat Hybrid Azalea)

Gorgeous large rich pink flowers with red-flecked upper lobes adorn this Pericat azalea from mid- to late spring. The clustered blooms have partially petal-like sepals, giving them the appearance of semi-double flowers. This broad rounded chest-high shrub has small elliptic medium-green leaves. Comprising more than 40 named cultivars, the Pericat hybrid azaleas likely have Kurume and Belgian Indica hybrids in their lineage. They prefer partial shade and highly organic acid soil that is evenly...

Image of Rhododendron

John Rickard

(Azaleodendron, Hardijzer's Beauty Rhododendron)

A rare hybrid between a rhododendron (Rhododendron racemosum) and a Kurume azalea, this azaleodendron bears clusters of bright clear pink flowers all along its stems from early to mid-spring. The funnel-shaped flowers have red-spotted upper lobes. This vigorous upright chest-high shrub is densely furnished with small glossy red-tinged leaves that turn purplish in winter.

Like most rhododendrons and azaleas, 'Hardijzer's Beauty' prefers highly organic acid soil that is evenly moist...

(Evergreen Azalea)

This Brooks Hybrid azalea bears large rose-red flowers with a flaming red throat. The late spring blooms are hose-in-hose (with "stacked" whorls of petals). This compact rounded cultivar has elliptical leaves that hold their glossy-green color year-round. The product of crosses between Belgian Indica, Southern Indica, Kurume, and other hybrid azaleas, Brooks Hybrids are heat- and drought-tolerant evergreen azaleas bred in Modesto, California.

Brooks Hybrid azaleas prefer partial shade...

(Evergreen Azalea, Helen Close Azalea, Morrison Hybrid Azalea)

Bearing showy clusters of large single white flowers in early to mid-spring, 'Helen Close' is one of the more than 400 named evergreen azalea hybrids developed from the late 1920s through the 1940s at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Plant Introduction Station at Glenn Dale, Maryland. The flaring funnel-shaped blooms have a greenish-yellow blotch that fades to white. The spent flowers drop rather than persisting on the plant. This dense, rounded, chest-high shrub has elliptic medium-green...

(Deciduous Azalea, Mt. St. Helens Azalea)

One of the few deciduous (rather than evergreen) Girard Hybrid azaleas, 'Girard's Mount Saint Helens' produces large rounded clusters of yellow-pink blooms at its branch tips in late spring. The wavy-edged, widely funnel-shaped blooms have a bright reddish-orange blotch. The upright, open, shoulder-high plants have elliptic hairy medium-green leaves that turn bright colors in fall.

Renowned for their cold hardiness, Girard azaleas were hybridized at the Ohio nursery of that name. They are...

(Evergreen Azalea)

A Belgian Indica hybrid, this evergreen azalea bears showy clusters of large double rose-red blooms. The funnel shaped, scentless flowers appear from early to mid-spring, but may also bloom in late fall and winter in frost-free districts. The rounded, waist-high plants have elliptical, dark glossy-green leaves.

Primarily derived from the East Indian species Rhododendron simsii, Rhododendron indicum, and Rhododendron murconatum, Belgian Indica Hybrid azaleas were...

Image of Rhododendron

James H. Schutte

(Evergreen Azalea, Gable Azalea, Herbert Azalea)

The Gable Hybrids are a large group of evergreen and semi-evergreen azaleas developed by Joseph Gable of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. They feature compact rounded to spreading growth with small, shiny, elliptic leaves. 'Herbert' -- one of the hardiest of the Gables -- is a reliable spring bloomer with vivid, reddish-purple, double flowers with frilled edges and a darker throat.

Some shade is required for this azalea, especially in the hot afternoon and organic-rich, moist, acid soils are necessary....

(Evergreen Azalea, Hexe Azalea)

Introduced in 1885, this close relative of the Kurume azaleas bears clusters of rich rosy-red flowers in mid-spring. The semi-double blooms are hose-in-hose (with two "stacked" whorls of petals). The small oval evergreen leaves are glossy medium-green. They assume coppery tones in cold weather. This cultivar slowly forms a dense mounded chest-high shrub.

As with the Kurume azaleas, this hybrid has Rhododendron kaempferi, R. kiusianum, and other Japanese species...

Image of Rhododendron

Bosh Bruening

(Holden Rhododendron, Rosebay, Shammarello Rhododendron)

A very compact rhododendron, ‘Holden’ is noted for large clusters of single, open funnel-shaped blooms. The flowers are bright rose-red tinged blue with a dark red blotch and appear early to mid-spring. The plants are compact, round and dense in habit. Very large evergreen leaves are long, leathery, glossy, partly twisted and dark green. This lovely rhododendron is named in honor of the Holdens of the Holden Arboretum.

Anthony Shammarello of Euclid, Ohio spent decades starting in the 1930s...