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(Multimaculatum Rhododendron, Rhododendron)

Introduced more than 150 years ago but still prized for its vigor, exceptional cold-hardiness, and showy bloom, this Waterer Hybrid bears large loose clusters of starry white flowers from mid- to late spring. The wide-flaring blooms have a striking burgundy blotch on their upper lobe. This medium-sized shrub has very long shiny dark green leaves.

One of the horticultural dynasties of nineteenth and twentieth century England, the Waterer family introduced a diversity of large-leaved rhododendrons...

(Brooks Hybrid Azalea, My Valentine Azalea)

This Brooks Hybrid azalea bears large semi-double rose-red flowers in mid- to late spring. The ruffled blooms have a dark blotch. This cultivar forms a compact rounded plant with elliptical glossy-green leaves. The product of crosses between Belgian Indica, Southern Indica, Kurume, and other hybrid azaleas, Brooks Hybrids are heat- and drought-tolerant evergreen azaleas bred in Modesto, California.

Brooks Hybrid azaleas prefer partial shade and highly organic acid soil that is evenly...

(Evergreen Azalea)

Large lilac-pink single or semi-double flowers with white centers ornament the compact upright branches of this evergreen azalea in mid-spring. A few solid pink flowers also occur. The slightly ruffled funnel shaped blooms are prolifically borne in few-flowered clusters. The narrow oval leaves are glossy green. This cultivar grows slowly into a dense rounded shrub.

Prized for their large flowers and compact habit, Satsuki Azaleas descend from Rhododendron indicum, Rhododendron...

Image of Rhododendron

Jesse Saylor

(Deciduous Azalea, Northern Hi-Lights Azalea)

Valued for their extreme hardiness and their colorful spring flowers, the Northern Lights Series is a group of hybrid deciduous azaleas developed by the University of Minnesota. The fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers of 'Northern Hi-Lights' are creamy white with a bright yellow upper petal. The clustered blossoms open from yellow buds from mid- to late spring. This dense broadly rounded shrub has oval olive-green leaves that turn maroon in fall.

Plant this azalea in full to partial sun in acidic...

Image of Rhododendron

Mark A. Miller

(Northern Starburst Rhododendron, Rhododendron)

Introduced by Briggs Nursery of Elma, Washington, this tetraploid mutation of a compact PJM rhododendron offers the exceptional cold-hardiness of the PJM Hybrids but betters them in its larger flowers and greater vigor. It bears showy domed trusses of funnel-shaped lavender-pink blooms in earliest spring. The dense rounded chest-high plants have medium-sized elliptic dark green leaves that turn deep mahogany red in cold weather. Like most rhododendrons, 'Northern Starburst' favors chilly winters,...

Image of Rhododendron

James Burghardt

(Koster & Sons Hybrid Rhododendron, Nova Zembla Rhododendron, Rhododendron)

Long the standard by which hardy red-flowered rhododendrons are judged, this Koster & Sons Hybrid bears showy spherical clusters of intense red blooms in mid-spring. The wide-flaring, funnel-shaped flowers have deep maroon blotches on their upper lobes. This vigorous upright medium-sized shrub has large glossy dark green leaves with conspicuous veins.

Koster & Sons of Boskoop, Holland, developed a number of rhododendron hybrids in the early twentieth century that are still widely planted today....

Image of Rhododendron

John Rickard

(Evergreen Azalea, Nuccio's Pink Bubbles Hybrid Azalea)

The evergreen azalea ‘Nuccio’s Pink Bubbles' bears an abundance of large pink double flowers with red spotting on their upper lobes. The funnel-shaped, ruffled blooms are borne in small clusters from early to mid-spring. The leaves are dark green and hairy. This cultivar grows relatively rapidly into an upright rounded chest-high shrub with hairy dark-green elliptic leaves.

One of numerous azaleas developed and introduced by Nuccio's Nurseries of Altadena, California, this cultivar is closely...

Image of Rhododendron

Gerald L. Klingaman

(Mezitt Hybrid Rhododendron, Olga Mezitt Rhododendron, Rhododendron)

Valued for its prolific early bloom, its cold-hardiness, and its handsome evergreen leaves, this selection of Rhododendron minus bears domed trusses of cheery phlox-pink flowers in early spring. The wide-flaring, funnel-shaped blooms are scentless. This vigorous upright chest-high shrub has medium-sized elliptic glossy-green leaves that turn bronzy-purple in fall. Like most rhododendrons, 'Olga Mezitt does well in partial shade and highly organic, well-drained, acid soil. It departs from...

Image of Rhododendron

Bosh Bruening

(Evergreen Azalea, Olga Niblett Azalea, Robin Hill Azalea)

Azalea ‘Olga Niblett’ bears blooms of white with brilliant yellow-green spotting in the mid to late spring. The flowers are single, hose-in- hose (two sets of petals, one inside the other) and have frilly edges. The plants are moderately sized, upright and loose in habit. Evergreen leaves are broadly elliptical, glossy and dark green.

Robin Hill hybrid azaleas are a large group of evergreen shrubs that were hybridized in New Jersey by chemist and rhododendron enthusiast, Robert Gartrell. They...

(Evergreen Azalea)

Remarkable both for its showy flowers and for its season of bloom, this evergreen azalea bears clusters of intense reddish-purple flowers in fall and spring. The double, red-dotted blooms continue through winter in frost-free districts. The rounded chest-high plants have elliptic dark glossy-green leaves.

This somewhat cold-tender hybrid azalea prefers partial shade and highly organic acid soil that is evenly moist but well-drained. Plant it shallowly and mulch well to conserve moisture and...