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(Evergreen Azalea, Rosea Azalea, Southern Indica Hybrid Azalea)

A heat-tolerant Southern Indica Hybrid, this evergreen azalea bears showy clusters of deep pink semidouble flowers from early to mid-spring. Red freckles dot the upper lobes of the broadly funnel-shaped blooms. This upright rounded head-high shrub has handsome dark green leaves.

Selected in the Southeast United States for their tolerance of hot humid conditions, Southern Indica azaleas descend from the Belgian Indica Group. Their ancestry includes the East Asian species Rhododendron simsii,...

Image of Rhododendron

Gerald L. Klingaman

(Evergreen Azalea, Gable Hybrid Azalea, Rosebud Azalea)

The Gable Hybrids are a large group of evergreen and semi-evergreen azaleas developed by Joseph Gable of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. They feature compact rounded to spreading growth with small, shiny, elliptic leaves. 'Rosebud' is a reliable spring bloomer with clear purplish-pink fully double flowers with darker veining. Some shade is required and organic, moist soils are necessary. It works well in foundation plantings and mixed borders.

(Rhododendron, Roseum Superbum Rhododendron, Waterer Hybrid Rhododendron)

Introduced nearly 150 years ago but still well worth growing for its cold-hardiness, heat tolerance, and colorful blooms, this Waterer Hybrid bears showy domed clusters of lavender-pink flowers from mid- to late spring. The wide-flaring, funnel-shaped blooms have a pale yellow blotch and burgundy spots on their upper lobe. This medium-sized to large, upright shrub has large leathery medium-green leaves.

One of the horticultural dynasties of nineteenth and twentieth century England, the Waterer...

Image of Rhododendron

Mark Kane

(Deciduous Azalea, Rosy Lights Azalea)

Valued for their extreme hardiness and their colorful spring flowers, the Northern Lights Series is a group of hybrid deciduous azaleas developed by the University of Minnesota. The abundant, deep pink, trumpet-shaped blooms of 'Rosy Lights' appear in dense trusses from mid- to late spring. The fragrant blooms have orange-freckled upper lobes. This dense, upright, and extremely floriferous shrub has oval olive-green leaves that turn maroon in fall.

Plant this azalea in full to partial sun in...

(Rhododendron, Rothenburg Rhododendron)

One of the relative few yellow-flowered rhododendrons, this hybrid of the Chinese native Rhododendron williamsianum bears showy spherical clusters of pale primrose blooms from early to mid-spring. The funnel-shaped flowers have red-speckled throats. This vigorous upright head-high shrub is densely furnished with medium-sized, elliptic, glossy green leaves.

Like most rhododendrons, 'Rothenburg' favors chilly winters, moderate summers, partial shade, and highly organic, well-drained,...

(Mehlquist Hybrid Rhododendron, Rhododendron, Scarlet Romance Rhododendron)

One of numerous exceptionally cold-hardy rhododendrons developed by Gustav Mehlquist of the University of Connecticut, this medium-sized cultivar bears large conical clusters of bright carmine-red blooms from mid- to late spring. The wide-flaring wavy-edged funnel-shaped flowers are unscented and unmarked. This upright somewhat open shrub has large, elliptic, glossy dark green leaves.

Like most rhododendrons, 'Scarlet Romance' favors chilly winters, moderate summers, partial shade, and highly...

(Hachmann Hybrid Rhododendron, Rhododendron, Schneekrone Rhododendron)

One of hundreds of outstanding rhododendron hybrids introduced since 1951 by Hans and Holger Hachmann of Barmstedt, Germany, 'Schneekrone' bears showy spherical clusters of white, faintly pink-tinged flowers from mid- to late spring. The wide-flaring, funnel-shaped blooms have maroon-spotted upper lobes. The dense, rounded, chest-high plants have large elliptic dark green leaves. Like most rhododendrons, Hachmann Hybrids prefer chilly winters, moderate summers, partial shade, and highly organic,...

Image of Rhododendron

David C. Royster

(Dexter Rhododendron, Rhododendron, Scintillation Rhododendron)

One of the most popular of the many hardy hybrid rhododendrons developed in the 1920s and 1930s by Charles O. Dexter of Sandwich, Massachusetts, 'Scintillation' bears large showy spherical clusters of purplish-pink flowers in mid-spring. The wide-flaring, funnel-shaped blooms have a large greenish-yellow blotch on their upper lobes. This broad rounded head-high shrub has long glossy olive-green leaves.

Like most rhododendrons, 'Scintillation' favors chilly winters, moderate summers, partial...

(Evergreen Azalea)

Bearing showy clusters of large rose-pink flowers in mid-spring, 'Scout' is one of the more than 400 evergreen azalea hybrids developed from the late 1920s through the 1940s at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Plant Introduction Station at Glenn Dale, Maryland.

Eventually forming a head-high shrub, this broadly upright cultivar has rounded medium- to dark-green leaves. The broadly funnel-shaped flowers are held on strong stems and drop after fading rather than persisting on the...

Image of Rhododendron

Jesse Saylor

(Evergreen Azalea)

Fiery orange-red flowers cover this compact upright evergreen azalea from early to mid-spring. The broadly funnel-shaped blooms of 'Sherwood Red' are unscented. The hairy, oval, glossy dark green leaves turn bronze tones in fall. This cultivar slowly forms a rounded chest-high shrub.

The Kurume Hybrids result from some 300 years of hybridizing in Japan. Their ancestry likely includes Rhododendron kaempferi, R. kiusianum, and other Japanese species and hybrids.