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Image of Chimaphila maculata photo by: Jesse Saylor

Jesse Saylor

(Spotted Pipsissewa , Spotted Wintergreen, Striped Prince's Pine)

A whorl of leaves with dark and light markings and a reddish stem topped by dangling white blossoms are but three characteristics of beauty for the spotted wintergreen. A wood-like perennial subshrub, it is very low growing with its stems usually hidden by leaf litter. It's native to dry acidic woodland soils of the eastern United States and Ontario, Canada, and isolated populations have been located in Arizona, Mexico and western Costa Rica.

The evergreen leaves are waxy and whorl around the...

Image of Chimonanthus praecox photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Japanese Allspice, Wintersweet)

Break the dreariness of winter with the fragrant flowers that don the wintersweet. Native to the woodlands in China, this slow-growing shrub with an upright but broad shape can begin to look a bit leggy and unkempt with old age.

Depending on climate, the bare branches reveal many bowl-shaped flowers that face downward, appearing anytime from midwinter to early spring. The fragrant flowers' waxy petals are light lemony yellow with a center that is sienna to purplish brown in color. Dry fruits...

Image of Choisya ternata photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Mexican Orange, Mexican Orange Blossom, Mock Orange)

Sweet, citrusy-smelling white flowers adorn the branches of Mexican orange from very late winter to autumn. An evergreen subtropical shrub from the higher elevations of Mexico, it has glossy, compound foliage, each leaf composed of three, oval leaflets that are fragrant if crushed. In late winter, clusters of five-petaled white blossoms cover the plant, emitting an intoxicating fragrance like that of orange blossoms, and attracting honeybees. The first blooming season lasts for weeks, and then flowering...

Image of Chrysactinia mexicana photo by: James H. Schutte

James H. Schutte


A cheerful mound of bright yellow flowers in spring and summer, damianita is a heat and drought-tolerant wonder native from northern Mexico to western Texas and southern New Mexico in the United States. The small, needle-like leaves are dark green, giving this evergreen shrub an attractive look even when not in bloom. They are aromatic if crushed. Damianita blooms most heavily from mid-spring to late summer, but flowers in flushes year round when grown in full sun and frost-free regions. Butterflies...

Image of Chrysobalanus icaco photo by: Carol Cloud Bailey

Carol Cloud Bailey

(Coco Plum, Icaco Coco Plum)

Coco plum is one of the most versatile evergreen plants for coastal and warm-winter landscapes. It is native to the coastal regions of Florida, the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America.

Its leaves are rounded, leathery and dark green. They appear in flushes all year around and are red-hued when they first emerge. The flowers are small and white and the edible fruit is round and turns from red to black.

This tough, drought-tolerant shrub grows best in full sun and average, well-drained...

Image of Cistus salvifolius photo by: James H. Schutte

James H. Schutte

(Sageleaf Rockrose, White Rockrose)

This rockrose isn’t a true rose but a drought- adapted, large-flowered shrub from the Old World. It is found along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and further inland where winters are mild and rainy followed by a long, dry summer. The leaves are small, rough and gray-green, typical of many plants adapted to drought. They are are rich in potent oils once extracted as a substitute for the ancient perfumer’s ambergris.

These evergreen shrubs do their growing during the moist winter months. In...

Image of Cistus x hybridus photo by: Michael Charters,

Michael Charters,

(Hybrid Rockrose)

This snow-white flowered rockrose is a small enough shrub to fit into almost dry garden where its spring blossoms will literally glow under the moonlight. This hybrid is the result of crossing Cistus parviflorus with the smaller Cistus salvifolius to yield a modest-sized plant. Both parent species are native to southern Europe and adapted to the Mediterranean climate there. The mild wet winters combine with very long, dry summers to produce some of our most attractive drought-resistant...

(Rockrose, Sunset Rockrose)

This is a groundcover selection of orchid rockrose that is proving to be reliable for massing and covering a slope. A hybrid, ‘Sunset’ is the result of crossing pink-flowered Cistus albidius with the less hardy, magenta-flowered Cistus crispus to yield a richly-colored low-growing plant. Both parent species are native to southern Europe and adapted to the Mediterranean climate of mild wet winters and very long dry summers that has produced some of our most attractive drought-resistant...

Image of Cistus x purpureus photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Purple Rockrose)

The under-used and appreciated purple rockrose is a compact, shrubby perennial with narrow, soft green leaves. In spring and early summer, single papery lavender-pink flowers appear. These are rose-like and graced with large maroon blotches at the base of each petal.

Drought and heat-tolerant, this showy hybrid does best in full sun and average soil with good drainage. Prune plants in spring to remove damaged branches and control their growth and shape. Purple rockrose is perfect for dry rock...

Image of Cistus x skanbergii photo by: James H. Schutte

James H. Schutte

(Skanberg's Rockrose)

This demure, pink-flowered rockrose is a prized, evergreen shrub for dry cottage gardens. It is a hybrid of Cistus parviflorus with Cistus monspeliensis, both native to southern Europe and adapted to a Mediterranean climate of mild, wet winters combine and long, dry summers, a combination that has produced some of our most attractive drought-resistant plants.

Though small, this shrub was once highly valued by Old World perfumers for the oil in its gray-green aromatic leaves....