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Image of Spathodea campanulata

Luis Bacher

(Flame-of-the-forest, Golden Flame-of-the-forest, Yellow African Tuliptree)

From spring to autumn, yellow blossoms cover the upper branch tips of the yellow African tuliptree. One of the most beautiful tropical flowering trees, Spathodea campanulata is native across the dry, humid forests and savannas of sub-Saharan Africa. Fast growing when young, it develops an upright oval canopy atop a buttressed trunk. Like most fast-growing trees this shallow-rooted species also has weak limbs.

African tuliptree is semi-evergreen, dropping its foliage only in the most...

Image of Stemmadenia litoralis photo by: Forest & Kim Starr

Forest & Kim Starr

(Lechoso, Milkyway Tree)

Called lechoso in Mexico because of its milky sap, the milkyway tree is prized for its vanilla-scented white flowers. A small evergreen tree with open branching and a rounded, tiered canopy, it hails from the humid coastal forests from Mexico to Colombia. The bark is initially smooth and grayish tan but becomes vertically fissured as the tree matures.

The wavy, oval leaves are deep glossy green and paper thin. Branch tips bear small clusters of flower buds any time of year when humidity is...

Image of Stenocarpus sinuatus photo by: James H. Schutte

James H. Schutte

(Firewheel Tree)

The firewheel tree is among Australia's prettiest foliage and flowering native trees. The glossy, deeply lobed leaves make a beautiful backdrop to the fiery crimson flower clusters that look like pinwheels or undersea coral creatures. This slow-growing broadleaf evergreen tree is native to the eastern coastal rainforests of Queensland and New South Wales. It attains an upright oval habit with a smooth tan to sandy brown bark.

The leaves may be quite variable among trees. Always a glossy, deep...

Image of Stewartia monadelpha photo by: Russell Stafford

Russell Stafford

(Tall Stewartia)

Showy fall foliage, colorful bark, and ivory-white summer flowers are among the ornamental merits of this small to medium-sized deciduous tree from woodlands of Japan and Korea.

This hardy tree has medium- to dark-green, toothed, oval to lance-shaped leaves that turn purple and burgundy in fall. Small, creamy-white, cup-shaped flowers with numerous orange-yellow stamens open from plump buds in late spring and early summer. Ovoid, five-chambered seed capsules follow the flowers. Tall stewartia...

Image of Stewartia pseudocamellia photo by: Gerald L. Klingaman

Gerald L. Klingaman

(Japanese Stewartia)

With its lovely summer flowers, bright fall color, and strikingly patterned bark, this small to medium-sized deciduous tree brings year-round beauty to the garden. Native to Japan, it entered Western gardens before 1878.

This typically low-branched or multi-trunked tree bears rich green leaves with pale undersides along gray, ascending branches. The serrated oval leaves turn orange, yellow, and reddish hues before dropping in fall. In midsummer, plants bear single, white, five-petalled blossoms...

Image of Stewartia sinensis photo by: Russell Stafford

Russell Stafford

(Chinese Stewartia)

Providing stately multi-seasonal interest, the Chinese stewartia has smooth mottled bark, fragrant white summertime blooms and reddened autumnal foliage. A small to medium-sized deciduous tree, this species is native to the highlands of central China where it grows in forests or mountain thickets and scrubland. It attains a broad, spreading pyramid-like shape at maturity.

With an open, upright canopy of branches on a strong trunk, its bark is a mottled blend of ivory, gray-tan and beige. Youngest...

Image of Strelitzia nicolai photo by: Carol Cloud Bailey

Carol Cloud Bailey

(Giant Bird-of-Paradise, Natal Wild Banana)

Giant or white bird-of-paradise is a popular plant for tropical and sub-tropical landscapes. It is an enormous clump-forming evergreen that is tree-like or banana-like in appearance. This South African native has huge oblong, leathery, gray-green leaves that split along their horizontal margins. These are clustered together and almost look fan-like in appearance. In early to mid spring several crested flowers of indigo, white and dark purple appear below their foliage.

Giant bird-of-paradise...

Image of Styrax japonicus photo by: Gerald L. Klingaman

Gerald L. Klingaman

(Japanese Snowbell)

A soft, graceful presence in the garden, this small hardy deciduous tree from eastern Asia produces a blizzard of dangling white blossoms in late spring and early summer. The lavish display makes the spreading, tiered, leafy branches look like their undersides are plastered with snow. Its picturesque habit, lush foliage, smooth gray bark, and slightly fluted and contorted branches give it ample year-round interest.

Borne by the thousand, the white, five-petaled, cup-shaped blossoms are ever...

Image of Styrax japonicus

James H. Schutte

(Carillon Japanese Snowbell, Japanese Snowbell)

A soft, graceful presence in the garden, Japanese snowbell is a small hardy deciduous tree from eastern Asia. The cultivar 'Carillon' forms a dense broad head-high mound of weeping branches. White cup-shaped blooms dangle from the branches in late spring and early summer. They cast a slight perfume. Attractive pearl-sized whitish green fruits follow the flowers. The lustrous dark green leaves have paler undersides and a pointed, sometimes curled tip. The leaves turn bronzy-yellow in late fall, if...

Image of Styrax obassia photo by: Jesse Saylor

Jesse Saylor

(Fragrant Snowbell)

Late spring's champion tree of intoxicating perfume, fragrant snowbell displays a fanfare of white, pendent blossoms in drooping clusters below its velvety foliage. A medium-sized, upright deciduous tree with elegant branches, it is native to eastern China, Korea and Japan. The bark is smooth and gray-brown and with age has fissures that reveal an orange skin. Young branch twigs are sienna colored and exfoliate.

Leaves are very plump oval, lustrous dark green above and fuzzy underneath. They...