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Image of Fittonia albivenis photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Mosaic Plant, Nerveplant)

Vibrant green foliage with ornate netting and white veins lend delicate beauty to this coveted tropical groundcover. Mosaic plant is a low, spreading, frost-tender perennial native to tropical South America. It only prospers in areas with ample warmth and tropical humidity but is otherwise very easy to grow.

Each small, rounded, oval leaf is medium to dark green and intricately laced with thin, white veins. Cultivars often have leaf veins that are blushed in shades of pink, red or peach. The...

Image of Fouquieria splendens photo by: Maureen Gilmer

Maureen Gilmer


Spectacular in flower and architectural at all seasons, this native of the low elevations of the Colorado and Sonoran deserts of the Southwest United States and Northwest New Mexico is also valued for its tolerance of drought and searing heat. Its numerous stiff, thorny, curving stems form a flowing vase-shaped clump that eventually reaches considerable height. Long conical clusters of showy red or orange flowers occur at the stem tips in winter or spring, attracting hummingbirds. Flowering may occur...

(Shower-of-Gold, Smooth Goldshower)

Shower-of-Gold is a large, evergreen shrub native to eastern Mexico south to Guatemala. The leaves are opposite on the stems, light green to bluish, smooth or waxy and elliptical to oval-shaped with two visible glands at the base. The stems are reddish with many hairs. The yellow flowers are borne on terminal racemes, or un-branched flowerstalks. The shrubs bear some flowers year ‘round with a heavier bloom in summer. The flower petals do not drop completely and interesting three part seed capsules...

Image of Gardenia

James Burghardt


Image of Gardenia taitensis photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Tahitian Gardenia, Tiare )

The floral emblem of Tahiti, the large fragrant white blossoms of tiare beautifully dapple the glossy dark green foliage in the warm months of the year. A frost-tender, broadleaf evergreen shrub, it is native to extreme southeastern Asia. Archaeological evidence leads experts to believe it is native to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands and was spread eastward across the South Pacific by admiring native peoples, eventually reaching the Society Islands (Tahiti).

The broadly oval leaves are thing...

Image of Gibasis geniculata photo by: Megan Bame

Megan Bame

(Tahitian Bridalveil)

Forming a cascading veil of purplish-green foliage and petite white flowers, this trailing herbaceous perennial from tropical America is perfect for containers and hanging baskets.

The fuzzy, lance-shaped leaves of this tender perennial are paired along lax, wiry, purple-tinged stems that root at the leaf nodes. The leaves usually have maroon undersides. Clusters of small, white, three-petaled flowers are held above the foliage on long stems, creating a wispy, veil-like effect. Flowering continues...

Image of Gliricidia sepium photo by: Forest & Kim Starr

Forest & Kim Starr

(Mexican Lilac, Mother-of-coffee, Quickstick)

Filling the tropical countryside with pink-flowering branches that look like apple or cherry trees in springtime, quickstick's pink blossoms are a delightful sight. A fast growing, very briefly deciduous tree from tropical reaches of the New World, it has a orange-tan bark and its sapwood is heavy and strong. It will attain a rounded canopy, but often it is rather open and rangy in appearance.

Historically, this tree was grown over the cacao (chocolate tree) in fields by the Aztecs and more...

Image of Globba winitii photo by: Grandiflora


(Dancing Ladies Ginger, Ginger)

Mauve dancing ladies gingers are tender perennials native to warm, humid Thailand. The lush, herbaceous plants grow reed-like stalks from fleshy, underground stems (rhizomes). The broad, lance-shaped leaves with strongly pointed tips and heart-shaped bases clasp the stem near the bottom and are more upright near the top. The bright green leaves may be darker to purplish underneath depending of cultivar. Striking flowers appear summer though early winter on stalks which appear from the leaves. Each...

Image of Graptophyllum pictum photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Caricature Plant, Jamaican Croton)

Named for its artful look and mottled, variegated leaves, caricature plant is a lush, colorful tropical shrub. This tender evergreen it is believed to have originated from New Guinea but has become naturalized throughout Southeast Asia and parts of Oceania. It grows best in areas with ample warmth and tropical humidity but is otherwise very easy to grow.

The satiny leaves are thin and dark green with irregular variegated markings of white and yellow along the central vein. The stems are usually...

(Black Beauty Caricature Plant, Black Beauty Jamaican Croton, Caricature Plant)

A lush, dark-foliaged tropical shrub, Black Beauty caricature plant leaves are blackened dark green with reddish undersides. A tender tropical evergreen shrub, it is believed having its origin in New Guinea, but is naturalized throughout Southeast Asia and parts of Oceania.

The satin-glossed leaves are thin and charcoal dark green, or simply a drab black. Undersides of leaves can show off a salmon-red color, especially in sunlight. In late spring to summer each branch tip bears a flowerspike...