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Image of Lophanthera lactescens photo by: Jan Smith, Flickr Contributor

Jan Smith, Flickr Contributor

(Golden Chain Tree)

Travel the rivers and forests across Brazil's Amazon Basin, and you'll encounter the showy golden chain tree. This semi-deciduous flowering tree is becoming increasingly more rare as its habitat is destroyed. And it is rarely used in tropical gardens because it transplants poorly its seed is viable for only a short time. Somewhat fast-growing, it attains an an upright, slightly rounded habit. The thin, pale gray to tan bark is warty and exudes bitter milky sap if damaged.

The glossy, emerald...

Image of Lophostemon confertus photo by: Forest & Kim Starr

Forest & Kim Starr

(Brisbane Box, Vinegartree)

Leathery, lush green leaves, pretty white flowers and colorful bark are the ornamental strengths of the Brisbane box. A great tree for urban conditions, this evergreen is native to the eastern Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland. It attains an oval shaped canopy on top of an upright trunk and branches.

The leaves are oval to lance-shaped and leathery, held in whorls. When young they are glossy light green to red and mature to a bright, medium to dark green. In late spring and summer,...

Image of Lycaste cochleata photo by: Michael Charters,

Michael Charters,

(Lycaste Orchid, Shell-shaped Anther Lycaste)

Rather small in size, but beautiful in their orange-yellow color, the flowers of the shell-shaped anther lycaste orchid smell of citrus oranges. A deciduous tropical orchid native to mangrove swamps and montane rainforests from Mexico to Nicaragua, it is an epiphyte (growing on another plant) or lithophyte (growing on moist rocks).

This orchid's pseudobulbs are rounded and pyramid-like in shape, with obvious deep grooves. There are two to three spines at the top of the pseudobulb. The light green...

Image of Lycopersicon (TOMACCIO™) photo by: Hishtil Nurseries, Israel

Hishtil Nurseries, Israel

(Hybrid Cherry Tomato, Raisin Tomato, Tomaccio Tomato)

Ths recently developed cherry tomato produces small, round, orange-red fruits that are ideal for drying. They are borne on exceptionally vigorous vines that can grow to 14 feet (4.2 m). Harvest begins about 70 days after seedlings are planted out. This F1 hybrid must be propagated from purchased seed (saved seed will not come true).

This climbing, frost-tender plant grows rapidly in warm conditions and fertile, evenly moist soil. Tomatoes are short-lived tender perennials that are usually grown...

Image of Lycopersicon esculentum photo by: Gerald L. Klingaman

Gerald L. Klingaman

(Tomato, Wolf Peach)

BLTs, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and French fries with ketchup, the American diet is full of tomatoes and tomato products. Everyone knows and loves tomatoes. These New World plants were domesticated, cultivated and enjoyed by Native Americans, from North to South America, but did not make it into Europe until the mid 1500s where they were initial grown as ornamentals but were soon accepted as tasty edibles. They became very popular in Italy around the late 1600s.

The garden...

(Ace 55 Tomato, Tomato)

The slicing tomato ‘Ace 55’ is a vigorous, determinate type with VFA pest and disease resistance. Its tasty round red fruits are medium-sized, sweet and juicy. They are lower in acid than most and produced around 80 days after germination. They are ideal for fresh eating in salads and sandwiches.

The garden tomato is a short-lived tender perennial vine that is grown as an annual crop. Its compound leaves are medium green, hairy and have a strong fragrance. Mature vines produce star-shaped...

(Amana Orange Tomato, Beefsteak Tomato, Tomato)

An indeterminate heirloom tomato with large orange fruits, 'Amana Orange' gets its name from the historic German Amana Colonies in Iowa. This late-season tomato produces large, reddish orange to golden orange fruits with fluted edges. The beefsteak-type tomatoes are harvestable around 90 days after seeds germinate and are ideal for fresh eating. 'Amana Orange' tomatoes have a robust, mild, almost tropical flavor.

The garden tomato is a short-lived tender perennial vine that is grown as an annual...

(Amish Paste Tomato, Hogheart Tomato, Tomato)

Loads of bright red plum tomatoes are produced on the vigorous indeterminant vines of ‘Amish Paste.’ The fruits of this flavorful American heirloom are borne in clusters of three to four and ideal for canning, sauce or paste. Fruits are produced around 74 days after germination.

The garden tomato is a short-lived tender perennial vine that is grown as an annual crop. Its compound leaves are medium green, hairy and have a strong fragrance. Some vines have thick, potato-like leaves while others...

(Aunt Ruby's German Green Heirloom Tomato, Beefsteak Tomato, Tomato)

Meaty, flavorful tomatoes with a sweet and spicy flavor make 'Aunt Ruby's German Green' a worthwhile heirloom tomato for the garden. The globe-shaped tomatoes mature up to 1 pound (.5 kg) and have predominantly medium to light yellow-green skin with some yellow or green streaks. Begin to harvest about 80 days after planting seedlings outdoors. Sow seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last spring frost date in your area. This vining (indeterminate) tomato plant remains productive until plants...

(Austin's Red Pear Tomato, Tomato)

A very productive vining (indeterminate) cherry tomato, 'Austin's Red Pear' forms fruits shaped like little pears (or 15-watt incandescent light bulbs). This heirloom came from Dale Austin's garden in Washington State. The mid-season fruits are harvestable anywhere from 75 to 80 days after planting seedlings. Start seeds indoors six weeks prior to the last spring frost date. The taste of the fruits is superbly rich. Use 'Austin's Red Pear' for fresh eating or salads. When grown from seed, it's not...