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Image of Tabebuia ochracea photo by: Mauroguanandi, Flickr Contributor

Mauroguanandi, Flickr Contributor

(Golden Trumpet Tree, Yellow Bark Tree)

One of the most widespread yellow-flowering trumpet trees in Tropical America, the yellow bark tree produces fragrant, yellow flowers in early to late spring. This deciduous, slow-growing tree is native from Honduras southward into Brazil in rather dry forests. It develops a rounded but wide-spreading canopy, often with a twisted, interesting trunk. The bark is tan-gray, with a yellow underbark (the reason for its common name). The lumber is dense and heavy, popular for use as outdoor utility poles...

Image of Tabebuia rosea photo by: Forest & Kim Starr

Forest & Kim Starr

(Mayflower, Pink Poui, Rosy Trumpet Tree)

The spring costume of this vigorous subtropical tree is festive and feminine: abundantly showy and rosy pink. The pink poui or rosy trumpet tree is indeed one of the showiest for a garden, rivaling the deeper-colored blooms of the ipe (Handroanthus impetiginosus). This briefly deciduous forest tree is native from southern Mexico to Venezuela and Colombia. Rosy trumpet tree is prized as a timber tree, yielding a dense wood used in construction, as fuel or manufacturing musical instruments,...

(Crepe Jasmine, Tabernaemontana )

Exotically fragrant large flowers grace this tropical shrub. Native to Madagascar this shrub is rare in gardens.

This is an evergreen, many-branched shrub or small tree with lovely shiny leaves. They are opposite each other on the stem and unequal in size. The leaves are lance-shaped or oval, deep green and smooth with prominent veins. Open, rounded flowers are produced in loose clusters in the forks of the branches. They are white and shaped like a pinwheel with five separate petals that form...

Image of Tabernaemontana divaricata photo by: Carol Cloud Bailey

Carol Cloud Bailey

(Crepe Jasmine, Pinwheel Jasmine, Tabernaemontana )

Exotic night-fragrant flowers and handsome evergreen foliage grace this cold-tender medium-sized to large shrub. Native to India and southeastern Asia and widely cultivated throughout the tropics, it forms a densely-branched mound of shiny dark green foliage. The oblong deeply veined leaves are paired along the stems. Long-tubed white flowers with flared spiralling lobes appear in loose clusters at the ends of the branches. Flowering occurs throughout the year with heaviest bloom in spring and summer....

Image of Tacca chantrieri photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Batflower, Black Batflower)

The large rippled leaves and outlandish blooms of black bat flower are a unique presence in the tropical garden or greenhouse. A tender semi-evergreen perennial that grows from an underground tuber, it is native to Thailand. Clumps of dark glossy-green lance-shaped leaves on long erect or arching petioles give rise to tall flower stalks. Clusters of maroon-black, cup-shaped flowers nod at their tips, made even more sinister by their wing-like basal bracts and spidery thread-like appendages. Sporadic...

Image of Tacca leontopetaloides photo by: Forest & Kim Starr

Forest & Kim Starr

(Batflower, Polynesian Arrowroot)

Batflower's deeply lobed, large green leaves on fleshy stems make a dramatic backdrop to the thread-like, arching, dark reddish black flowers in spring and summer. From the Old World tropical zones of the Eastern Hemisphere, this is a dry season-dormant tender herbaceous perennial. The return of warmth in the spring finds the fleshy stemmed leaves, large and deeply lobed and a bright, glossy green, emerging from the soil. Shortly thereafter and continuing through the summer, tall green stems float...

Image of Talinum paniculatum photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Jewels of Opar)

A thrifty, heat-tolerant, tender perennial that bears sparkling clusters of small bright flowers, this native of Central America and southern North America is often grown as an annual in cold-climate gardens. The fleshy tuberous roots give rise to many unbranched, upright, wiry stems with fleshy, oval, medium green leaves that are often bunched in whorls. During the warmth of summer small yellow or red flowers appear at the stem tips in large airy branched clusters. Each flower is short-lived, but...

Image of Talinum paniculatum

James Burghardt

(Golden Jewels of Opar, Jewels of Opar)

Grown for its sparkling clusters of small bright flowers, jewels of Opar is a thrifty, heat-tolerant, tender perennial from Central America and southern North America. It is often grown as an annual in cold-climate gardens. The cultivar 'Limon' has chartreuse leaves and rose-red flowers. The fleshy tuberous roots give rise to many unbranched, upright, wiry stems with fleshy, oval leaves that are often bunched in whorls. During the warmth of summer the flowers appear at the stem tips in large airy...

(Dioecious Tamarisk, Tamarisk)

In the deserts of the Southwest, the agricultural success of tamarisk trees has turned into an ecological tragedy. Well over a century ago, many species were imported from the Old World for shade and wind protection. This smaller, shrubby form proved to be particularly well adapted to dry washes where it naturalized extensively, feeding on moisture deep below these seasonal waterways.

It has been proven that a single tamarisk tree can consume up to three hundred gallons of ground water per...

Image of Tecoma stans photo by: Felder Rushing

Felder Rushing

(Esperanza , Yellow Trumpetbush)

The delicate beauty of this heavy blooming shrub hides its cast iron constitution. Yellow trumpetbush can stand up to the worst heat of the low deserts and the humidity of the tropics. Its only limitation is sensitivity to extreme cold. The broad range of this native spans the Americas, from the arroyos of New Mexico and Arizona southward to Argentina. Unlike other desert plants, which have silver or blue gray foliage, this shrub bears lush dark green leaves.

In mild climates it may bloom...