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Image of Aeonium photo by: Michael Charters,

Michael Charters,


Grown for their architectural and often colorful foliage, aeoniums are evergreen succulent perennials or shrubs found mainly on the Canary Islands. They bear fleshy, spoon-shaped leaves in rosettes at the tips of one to several stems, with new growth appearing in late fall and early winter. Typically bright green to blue-green, the leaves are variegated, purple, or golden on some selections, and may have red-tinted margins. Many aeoniums are low mat-forming plants with short rosette stems; others...

Image of Aeonium

James Burghardt

(Aeonium, Kiwi Aeonium, Variegated Aeonium)

Its colorful foliage makes this low evergreen succulent a real stand-out in mild climate gardens. It may be a hybrid of Aeonium haworthii developed in Australia. Kiwi aeonium produces dense mounded rosettes of fleshy light green leaves that are chartreuse upon emerging in fall. The somewhat hairy, spade-shaped leaves have crimson margins and may develop pinkish variegation in cool weather. The rosettes are borne on short stems which root on contact with soil, resulting in a spreading mound...

Image of Aeonium arboreum photo by: John Rickard

John Rickard

(Tree Aeonium)

An architecturally interesting succulent for garden color and texture, tree aeonium is a heat- and drought- tolerant native of Morocco. Its branched stems are upright, each bearing a tight rosette of spoon-shaped, bright green leaves. Some plants' leaves are mottled or blushed lightly with burgundy or purplish tones. In the spring, each mature rosette produces an upright stalk that towers above the foliage. At the top of the stalk is a dense mass of bright yellow flowers, each small and with many...

Image of Aeonium arboreum

Gerald L. Klingaman

(Tree Aeonium, Zwartkop Aeonium)

A wonderful plant for color and textural interest, Zwartkop tree aeonium is a heat- and drought-tolerant succulent that originates from Morocco. The words "zwartkop" or "schwarzkopf" mean "black rose or head," referring to the dark leaf clusters. Its branched stems are upright, each bearing a tight rosette of spoon-shaped near-black leaves. A leaf is rich in very dark red pigments, making it look black from a distance. In the spring, each mature rosette develops an upright stalk that reaches above...

Image of Aeonium haworthii photo by: James H. Schutte

James H. Schutte

(Aoenium, Pinwheel)

Easy to grow, this shrubby evergreen from the Canary Islands is prized for its handsome succulent foliage. It bears rosettes of fleshy light green spade-shaped leaves at the tips of branching knee-high stems, with new growth appearing in late fall and early winter. The leaves often have red-tinted margins. Where stems contact soil they will root, developing ever larger mounds with time. In spring, each rosette puts forth a large, single flower stalk topped with creamy yellow blossoms. The rosette...

(Aeonium, Saucer Plant)

Imagine a plant that looks like it was squashed to the ground as if stepped on by an elephant. That's saucer plant. This strange low-growing tender perennial forms a flat, rounded rosette of succulent foliage. It is native to the coastal cliffs of Tenerife in the Canary Islands and is well-adapted to salt spray and high winds. Each rosette survives as a biennial or short-lived perennial, reproducing by seed or small pups that sprout from the base of the mother plant.

Spoon-shaped, bright green...

Image of Aerides houlletiana photo by: Michael Charters,

Michael Charters,

(Aerides, Orchid)

The rich green foliage of this unique orchid sits atop a chain-like mass of long roots and bears a cluster of deliciously fragrant gold and fuchsia flowers in early summer. Houllet's aerides is a fairly large evergreen epiphytic orchid native to the hot, sultry lowlands of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It has a growth habit that is called vandaceous (like Vanda orchids) with extremely long aerial roots and a fan-like leaf mass atop the stem-like pseudobulb.

The leaves are short,...

Image of Aerides quinquevulnera photo by: Michael Charters,

Michael Charters,

(Aerides, Orchid)

The graceful aerides-with-five-wounds orchid bears a fragrant drooping cluster of small, ivory and fuchsia-violet spotted blossoms in summer and autumn. A large evergreen epiphytic orchid, this species is native to forested tropical highlands of Malaysia and the Philippines. It grows from a short pseudobulb with dangling aerial roots that clasp to tree trunks for support.

The medium green leaves are leathery and strap-like with two lobes at their ends. In early summer into fall, a long drooping...

Image of Aeschynanthus marmoratus photo by: James H. Schutte

James H. Schutte

(Zebra Basket Vine)

Imagine walking through the humid rainforests of Southeast Asia and encountering a plant with mottled, snake-like leaves dangling above your head in a tree. You eyes may fool you to think the sprawling, dangling stems are indeed a preying critter ready to attack. The zebra basket vine poses no such threat, but will intrigue you with its foliage and tubular flowers. This mounding to semi-trailing tender perennial subshrub is native to Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. It is epiphytic - growing on another...

Image of Aeschynanthus radicans photo by: James H. Schutte

James H. Schutte

(Lipstick Basket Vine, Lipstick Plant)

Vibrant lipstick-red flowers adorn the sprawling stems of this tree-dweller ("epiphyte") from moist forests of Malaysia. In nature it grows in trunk crotches and other arboreal niches where leaf litter accumulates.

Pairs of glossy deep green leaves crowd the long, lax stems of this evergreen perennial. They may blush burgundy-purple in relatively hot, sunny sites. Pairs of dark red to nearly black buds develop at the branch tips, opening into tubular, hairy, vivid red blooms with five lobes,...