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Image of Delphinium (Connecticut Yankee Mix) photo by: Yoder Brothers

Yoder Brothers

(Connecticut Yankee Delphinium, Delphinium, Larkspur)

Connecticut Yankee Mix delphiniums are compact-growing hybrids which bloom in shades of white, lavender, blue or purple. Easier to grow than many other varieties, they are a perfect choice for first-time delphinium growers. Their airy spires of single, spurred flowers appear from early to midsummer, and seldom require staking as do taller varieties. They rise atop vigorous mounds of deeply lobed, rich green foliage, and are attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Delphiniums prefer...

Image of Delphinium (GUARDIAN SERIES) photo by: Ball® Horticultural Company

Ball® Horticultural Company

(Guardian Delphinium)

Guardian Series delphiniums are vigorous hybrids which produce tall spires of blue, lavender or white blossoms from late spring to early summer. Their semi-double flowers are densely borne on strong, slender stems, and feature small white “bees”, or central tufts of stamens. They rise from clumps of deeply lobed, rich green foliage, and are visited by hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.

Plant delphiniums in full sun and moist, fertile, well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. Preferring areas...

Image of Delphinium (MAGIC FOUNTAINS SERIES) photo by: James H. Schutte

James H. Schutte

(Magic Fountains Delphinium)

Much shorter in stature than their taller counterparts, delphiniums in the Magic Fountains Series were bred for their compact size and floriferous nature. From late spring through early summer, these vigorous hybrids produce sturdy, upright spikes densely covered with semi-double flowers in shades of blue, pink, purple and white. These rise above low mounds of deeply lobed, rich green foliage and are visited by hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Unlike typical tall-growing delphiniums, the stems...

(Mistral Delphinium)

The mistral series of delphinium is a hybrid of delphinium grandiflorum and as such is native to China, Japan and the Siberian region. The delicate, branched sprays of blue and white flowers are a nice compliment to the narrow, green foliage. Delphiniums can grow in a variety of soil types but prefer well-drained soil and full sun. This plant is ideal for cutflowers and also as a bedding, container-grown or border plant.

(Pennant Delphinium)

The Pennant Series of delphinium is a collection of elatum-type larkspur known for densely lined flower spikes that don't need staking. This short-lived herbaceous perennial is a hybrid. Its deeply lobed, green foliage is accented by a showy display of semi-double (extra petals) flowers, on sturdy, medium-tall spikes from late spring to midsummer. Butterflies and hummingbirds will visit the blossoms, called florets.

Delphiniums can grow in a variety of soil types but excel in fertile, well drained,...

Image of Delphinium (ROUND TABLE SERIES) photo by: Debbie Schilling

Debbie Schilling

(Round Table Delphinium)

Delphiniums in the Round Table Series comprise a mixture of colors from the popular Pacific Giant Strain. These impressively tall-growing hybrids produce long spires of semi-double flowers in an array of colors including white, lavender, blue and purple, each with a cultivar name relevant to Camelot. The showy blooms arise from clumps of deeply-lobed, medium-green foliage in early to midsummer, and are visited by bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Although perennial, Pacific Giant hybrid...

Image of Delphinium (SUMMER SERIES) photo by: Ernst Benary® Inc.

Ernst Benary® Inc.

(Summer Delphinium)

The dwarf, bushy habit and long bloom time of delphiniums in the Summer Series make these sweet garden perennials especially desirable. In summer they produce plentiful, loose spikes covered with spurred, five-petaled flowers that may be sky blue, dark blue or white, depending on the cultivar. These are short, sturdy and well branched, so unlike other delphiniums, they do not require staking. Regular deadheading will help promote flowering.

These plants perform best in full sun, evenly moist...

(Carolina Larkspur)

Carolina larkspur displays tall, slender stems studded with spurred, five-petaled flowers that range in color from bright blue to white. Native to a large expanse of the central United States, this showy perennial may be seen blooming in meadows and along dry, rocky roadsides from mid-spring to early summer. The flowers rise on downy stems from basal mounds of feathery, deeply divided, gray-green leaves. After blooming, the plants typically go dormant with the arrival of summer heat. The leaves...

Image of Delphinium elatum photo by: Felder Rushing

Felder Rushing

(Delphinium, Larkspur)

Ancestor of many of the modern delphinium hybrids, this tall herbaceous perennial is native to Europe. Spires of purple flowers arise in early summer from basal clumps of roundish, lobed leaves. Plants may rebloom in fall if cut back after flowering.

Choose sunny to partly sunny locations for candle delphinium; the soil should be fertile and well drained. It is much less prone to flopping, pests, and disease than are most of its hybrids. Use it in cottage gardens, informal borders, and wildflower...

Image of Delphinium elatum

Pride of Place Plants, Inc.

(Dwarf Double Delphinium)

The DWARF series of delphinium, hybrids of candle delphinium, bear loose spires of double flowers in early summer. DWARF double 'Cd7' bears lush lilac- colored flowers tinged with deep blue with green centers. The flowers arise from basal clumps of lance-shaped, gray-green leaves. DWARF delphiniums are shorter than their towering cousins and rarely need to be staked. Plants may rebloom in fall if they are cut back after flowering.

Choose sunny locations for DWARF delphiniums; the soil should...