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AECHMEA orlandiana

Image of Aechmea orlandiana



Botanical Name

AECHMEA orlandiana

Plant Common Name

Aechmea, Orland's Bromeliad

Special Notice

This entry has yet to be reviewed and approved by L2G editors.

General Description

A carnival of color and texture in its foliage, Orland's bromeliad has apple-green leaves with dark red stripes and speckles and eventually forms a red flower spike with yellow blossoms. A tender tropical perennial bromeliad that is an epiphyte (grows upon other plants like trees), it is native to southern Brazil. It may also be propped in well-draining soil to look ground-dwelling but ideally protected from frost.

The wide strap-like leaves form a vase-shaped rosette that holds water in the base. The leaf is a light gree with speckles of burgundy on the top and striped of dark red on the undersides. Edges are lined with tiny dark spines. In late spring on mature plants, a fiery red flower stalk appears with a clustered head of red bracts (rigid modified leaves), from with the light yellow flowers emerge. The bract remains for weeks after the flowers fade, and from the base of the plant should be one to three young pup plants that will replace the dying mother. Established colonies of this plant often have snake-like stems clasping to the tree trunk or cliffside.

Grow Orland's bromeliad in nearly full sun to partial sun for best foliage coloring. Mount it upon a tree trunk or set in a hanging basket or prop in moist but fast-draining soil in frost free regions. Ensure the plant base is full of water in the heat of the growing season. This makes a lovely clustering accent for a tropical tree among sun-loving orchids like cattleyas and oncidiums or as a forground accent in a mixed tropical border. The cultivar 'Ensign' is arguably even prettier with leaves that have a outer leaf bands of ivory; 'Gold Tone' is similar but has bands of pale golden yellow.


  • AHS Heat Zone

    12 - 1

  • USDA Hardiness Zone

    11 - 15

  • Sunset Zone

    H1, H2, 23, 24

  • Plant Type

    Tender Perennial

  • Sun Exposure

    Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade

  • Height

    12"-16" / 30.5cm - 40.6cm

  • Width

    10"-12" / 25.4cm - 30.5cm

  • Native To


Growing Conditions

  • Soil pH

    Acidic, Neutral, Alkaline

  • Soil Drainage

    Well Drained

  • Soil type


  • Growth Rate

    Very Slow

  • Water Requirements

    Average Water

  • Habit


  • Seasonal Interest

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Ornamental Features

  • Flower Interest


  • Foliage Color (Spring) Modifier

    Striped/Striated, Spotted/Mottled

  • Foliage Color (Summer) Modifier

    Striped/Striated, Spotted/Mottled

  • Fragrant Flowers


  • Fragrant Fruit


  • Fragrant Foliage


  • Bark or Stem Fragrant


  • Flower Petal Number


  • Repeat Bloomer


  • Showy Fruit


  • Edible Fruit


  • Showy Foliage


  • Evergreen


  • Showy Bark


Special Characteristics

  • Usage

    Container, Feature Plant, Hanging Basket, Houseplant, Mixed Border, Tropical

  • Sharp or Has Thorns


  • Invasive


  • Attracts


  • Self-Sowing