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BEGONIA involucrata

Image of Begonia involucrata

Gerald L. Klingaman



Botanical Name

BEGONIA involucrata

Plant Common Name


Special Notice

This entry has yet to be reviewed and approved by L2G editors.

General Description

An erect shrubby tropical plant, Begonia involucrata has green leaves covered in soft white hairs and having irregular, jagged lobes. A tender herbaceous perennial, it is native to shaded slopes in the mid-elevations of Central America, from Mexico to Panama. The mid-green leaves have white hairs on them, and the leaf undersides are paler green. They are oval and oblong and irregularly shaped, with two or three pointed lobes and leaf veins that are depressed. In late winter small white flowers are produced in abundance from leaf nodes along the unbranching stems.

Grow in a well-draining loamy soil in partial to full shade, ensuring it does not receive direct midday sun and does not endure too chilly of nighttime temperatures. Allow the soil to slightly dry between waterings, but avoid soggy conditions at all costs, and consider misting the foliage. Keep slightly drier in the winter when light intensity is much reduced. This plant can also be grow as an epiphyte on a decorative rock or piece of wood. This begonia is a collector's delight and is terrific for a brightly lit humid greenhouse.


  • AHS Heat Zone

    12 - 1

  • USDA Hardiness Zone

    12 - 15

  • Sunset Zone

    H1, H2, 23, 24

  • Height

    3'-6' / 0.9m - 1.8m

  • Width

    3'-4' / 0.9m - 1.2m

  • Native To

    South America

Growing Conditions

  • Soil pH

    Acidic, Neutral

  • Soil type

    Loam, Sand

  • Seasonal Interest

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Ornamental Features

  • Flower Interest


  • Fragrant Flowers


  • Fragrant Fruit


  • Fragrant Foliage


  • Bark or Stem Fragrant


  • Flower Petal Number


  • Edible Fruit


  • Showy Bark


Special Characteristics

  • Usage

    Container, Feature Plant, Houseplant, Mixed Border, Tropical

  • Sharp or Has Thorns


  • Invasive