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CURCUMA 'Red Emperor'

Image of Curcuma 'Red Emperor'

Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.



Botanical Name

CURCUMA 'Red Emperor'

Plant Common Name

Red Emperor Ginger

Special Notice

This entry has yet to be reviewed and approved by L2G editors.

General Description

A member of the ginger family, Curcuma comprises approximately 40 to 80 different species—all of tropical or subtropical origin. These are distributed from India to China and Indonesia with a few home to northern Australia.

The flowers of these commonly rhizomatous perennials are distinguished by columns of showy bracts that subtend tubular flowers. These are attractive to birds and butterflies. Many cultivated species are grown as ornamentals, like the rose-pink bracted Siam tulip (Curcuma alismatifolia) and the pink and white bracted Curcuma aeruginosa. Even more notable are species grown for the essential culinary spices they provide. The golden orange eastern spice, turmeric, comes from the rhizomes of Curcuma longa and offer that earthy peppery flavor and bright color to curries.

These plants grow in variable locations and environments, but overall they prefer sites with bright filtered light, high humidity and fertile, evenly moist soil with good drainage. They are common conservatory or house plants in temperate locations.

The blooms are long-lasting when cut and make a bold statement in arrangements.


  • Plant Type

    Tender Perennial

  • Sun Exposure

    Partial Sun

  • Bloom Time


  • Native To

    Southern Asia, India, China, Melanesia, Micronesia, Australia

Growing Conditions

  • Water Requirements

    Average Water

  • Habit


Ornamental Features

  • Flower Interest


  • Flower Color

    White, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Magenta, Fuchsia, Rose, Lavender

  • Foliage Color (Spring)

    Green, Dark Green

  • Foliage Color (Summer)

    Green, Dark Green

  • Foliage Color (Fall)

    Green, Dark Green

  • Foliage Color (Winter)

    Green, Dark Green

  • Flower Petal Number


  • Showy Foliage


  • Evergreen


  • Showy Bark


Special Characteristics

  • Usage

    Container, Cutflower, Houseplant, Tropical

  • Sharp or Has Thorns


  • Invasive


  • Attracts