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OENANTHE javanica 'Flamingo'

Image of Oenanthe javanica 'Flamingo'



Botanical Name

OENANTHE javanica 'Flamingo'

Plant Common Name

Flamingo Water Parsley, Java Waterdropwort, Water Celery, Water Parsley

Special Notice

This entry has yet to be reviewed and approved by L2G editors.

General Description

Fern-like foliage that is variegated ivory, pink and light green makes 'Flamingo' a highly ornamental selection of water parsley. The leaves also being edible, water parsley's flat, branched clusters of starry white flowers add interest in late summer. A water-loving tender perennial, it is native to a large area: India eastward to Japan and southward to Queensland in Australia. It spreads as its horizontal stems root as it touches moist soil.

The feathery, lacy leaves have an overall triangular shape. Each leaf has many oval, toothed leaflets that are a light green edged in ivory and flushes of pink on youngest tissue. In late summer, stem tips yield a compound umbel, which is a group of umbrella-like flower clusters that are collectively displayed in a larger umbrella-like head. The flower stems all radiate out from a central point. The tiny white flowers are star-shaped and will be visited by butterflies, flies and beetles.

Grow 'Flamingo' in full sun to partial shade locales in any moist to wet soil. In full sun, shallow water over the roots is recommended, but in partial shade this perennial can tolerate much drier conditions. Evergreen in mild regions, the plants should be mulched in winter where temperatures can dip below freezing. The later stems will readily root in moist soil and create a spreading clump. Since the leaves are edible (tasting like celery to a bit more peppery), the clump can be managed with consistent leaf harvesting for salads and mixed steamed vegetable dishes. Use it at water's edge at a garden stream or in the bog garden. It can be contained in a moist pot or surrounding the clump with markedly drier soil conditions.


  • AHS Heat Zone

    12 - 1

  • USDA Hardiness Zone

    9 - 11

  • Sunset Zone

    H1, 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

  • Plant Type

    Tender Perennial

  • Sun Exposure

    Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade

  • Height

    8"-12" / 20.3cm - 30.5cm

  • Width

    2'-4' / 0.6m - 1.2m

  • Bloom Time

    Late Summer, Early Fall

  • Native To

    Southern Asia, Southeastern Asia, India, China, Japan, Australia

Growing Conditions

  • Soil pH

    Acidic, Neutral, Alkaline

  • Soil Drainage

    Poorly Drained

  • Soil type

    Clay, Loam, Sand

  • Tolerances

    Wet Site

  • Growth Rate


  • Water Requirements

    Drought Tolerant, Average Water, Ample Water

  • Habit


  • Seasonal Interest

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Ornamental Features

  • Flower Interest


  • Flower Color


  • Foliage Color (Spring)

    Light Green, Pink, Rose, Ivory

  • Foliage Color (Spring) Modifier


  • Foliage Color (Summer)

    Light Green, Pink, Ivory

  • Foliage Color (Summer) Modifier


  • Foliage Color (Fall)

    Light Green, Pink, Ivory

  • Foliage Color (Fall) Modifier


  • Foliage Color (Winter)

    Light Green, Pink, Ivory

  • Fragrant Fruit


  • Flower Petal Number


  • Repeat Bloomer


  • Showy Fruit


  • Edible Fruit


  • Showy Foliage


  • Foliage Texture


  • Foliage Sheen


  • Evergreen


  • Showy Bark


Special Characteristics

  • Usage

    Container, Edible, Groundcover, Herb / Vegetable, Water Gardens

  • Sharp or Has Thorns


  • Invasive


  • Attracts


  • Self-Sowing