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TYPHA latifolia

  • Planting

    • Floating-type aquatic plants are simply set in water and allowed to spread naturally
    • Emergent-zone (shallow water or "bog") plants should be planted in heavy loam soil in pots, and placed where the top of their soil is level with or slightly higher or lower than the water surface; cover soil surface with gravel to prevent muddying the water, and slowly lower into place
    • Plant water lilies and other submerged plants in containers of heavy loam, insert fertilizer pellets, cover the surface with gravel, and lower the pots so there are several inches or a foot or more of water above the soil surface

  • Watering

    • Keep enough water over submerged plants to keep their foliage upright
    • Bog plants can be allowed to dry out occasionally, but do best if kept moist
    • Bathroom toilet-type devices can help keep water levels at desired levels

  • Pruning

    1. Remove dead, faded, or damaged leaves, stems, and flowers as needed
    2. Cut dormant plants back to prevent dead parts from settling into the water and creating a nasty mess later

  • Propagation

    Many aquatic plants, including floating and submerged species, are easily divided in the spring by lifting and separating individual plants and putting into new containers of water.

  • Fertilization

    1. Fertilize early in the growing season after water has warmed up
    2. Lift pots out of the water
    3. Insert slow-release aquatic plant fertilizer tablets into soil
    4. Cover soil with gravel to reduce muddy water