Poison Ivy Leaves of Three, Let Them Be

Do you know what poison ivy looks like? It’s nearly anywhere east of the Rockies, grows in shady or sunny areas and is often seen on tree trunks or fences.
Soil Soil Types: the Basics

Discover the three mineral components of soil – sand, silt and clay – and how all are present in loamy soils.
Easy Invasive-Plant Management


Most home gardeners find it painful to pull up a beautiful plant, but even “reliable” garden species can have a dark side. The characteristics that make some favorite flowers seem “perfect” for the garden might happen to be the same characteristics of a noxious weed. Many invasive plants started out as non-native ornamentals planted in gardens, but once they escaped into native plant communities, they began to take over. Are you unknowingly harboring some plant felons in your yard? Taking seven easy steps can help make sure that your garden stays free of noxious invaders. 

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Ladybug IPM: Integrated Pest Management

Want to keep pests away without using chemicals? Practice integrated pest management! Learn what IPM is and how it helps prevent pest problems.
Tent Caterpillar Bring Their Tents Down

Eastern tent caterpillars seem to be everywhere in spring. If left alone, these creatures can eat a lot of leaves and cause a great deal of stress to trees.
Cicada Don’t Hate-a the Cicada

They’re baaack (and big and noisy). For parts of the US, cicadas are coming out of hiding after more than a decade. But don’t panic – they’re harmless.