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About Growing Conditions & Climate

Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two garden sites are the same. Depending on your garden’s growing conditions and climate, you can have a challenge on your hands. It doesn’t matter if your growing space is large or small, if you’ve got a green thumb or never picked up a trowel – one of the first steps in overcoming obstacles in the garden is to assess your site. The articles in this section are designed to help you do just that, as well as come up with options for growing under various environmental challenges. Not sure where to begin? Start with learning the importance of hardiness zones or how to measure sunlight. Once you understand your gardening site’s limitations and how to overcome them, there really is no stopping you…or your trowel.

What's Inside

Sun & Shade

In the blazing sun, any patch of shade found underneath a tree is a welcome retreat. It’s important to make that area as beautiful as it is refreshing. Do you know what type of sunlight your site gets? Considering starting a shade garden? The articles in this section help shed some light on your “shady” situation.


Difficult Conditions

Turn your difficult growing conditions into a garden that’s easy on the eyes! Maybe your site is on a steep slope, you’re looking for shrubs for a wet location or your region is experiencing harsh weather that’s affecting your garden. If you’re looking for solutions to your difficult growing conditions, this section is a great place to start.


Seasonal Issues

One year it's a glorious spring. The next year, your plants get zapped. While you can't fight the seasons, you can help protect your blooming beauties from certain weather issues. Learn how to help plants survive winter, care for outdoor containers, protect trees and more, so you'll be ready for whatever Mother Nature may toss your garden's way!

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