Critter Control

What do the slimiest of slugs and the craftiest of deer have in common? They both want to feast in your garden. But before you reach for the chemicals, consider trying some innovative, environmentally safe, chemical-free products that may help keep these space invaders out of your yard!


Deer-Resistant Evergreens

Do you have the deer-eaten evergreen blues? Cheer up! There are some beautiful evergreen plants that you can add to your landscape that you can expect to remain reasonably untouched by browsing deer. Here’s a look at some of these attractive deer-resistant trees and shrubs.


Fencing: The Ultimate Deer Solution

The only sure solution to gardening where deer are a problem is to fence them out. There are many ways to do it, but here’s what one gardening professional has determined to be the best way to approach this garden-saving task.


Following the Path of Deer Resistance

The best way to keep deer out of your garden is to use deer-resistant plants. But if you can’t live without your hostas, hydrangeas and roses, then you need a Plan B. Here are a few methods that might help keep Bambi from feasting on your garden.


Moles, Voles and Odd-Looking Holes

Got moles? Got voles? What do you do to control these common landscape pests? You need a different strategy to manage them, so the first step is figuring out exactly which critter has invaded your garden.


Oh Dear, It’s Deer!

Do you have trouble identifying deer damage in your landscape? If you know what signs to look for (and do a little investigative work), it’s easy to tell whether this four-legged foe is responsible for decimating your precious plants.

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