Insect Damage & Control


All About Aphids

Aphids those commonly found insects in your garden are easily controlled with simple techniques.


All About Caterpillars

Notice holes in your leaves? Your plants may be under attack by caterpillars. Learn more about these leaf munchers, as well as how to control them.


All About Fungus Gnats

Learn how to identify what fungus gnats are, the damage they cause and how to control these pests that invade your houseplants.


All About Mealybugs

Learn how to identify what mealybugs are by understanding their life cycle and the damage they cause, as well as learn how to control these plant pests.


All About Scale

Learn how to identify what scales are, the damage they cause and how to control these garden pests.


All About Two-Spotted Spider Mites

Learn how to identify the two-spotted spider mite and manage this common houseplant and garden pest.


All About Whiteflies

Learn how to identify if whiteflies are damaging your plants and how to control these garden pests.


Bring Their Tents Down!

Eastern tent caterpillars are seemingly everywhere in spring. The larvae live communally in tents constructed in the crotches of many tree species – especially flowering fruit trees. Left untreated, these caterpillars can eat a lot of leaves! Learn how to control them to protect your plants.


Cutting Down the Cutworm Damage

One of the more wasteful pests in the insect world, cutworm larvae emerge from the ground at night and chew off the base of plants, resulting in entire plant loss. Learn more about this pest – and how to cut down its damage.


Don’t Get Ticked Off (Get the Tick Off!)

Anyone who likes to spend time outdoors should be aware of the dangers of ticks, as well as what to do if contact with these outdoor pests is made.


Don't Hate-a the Cicada

It’s large. It’s noisy. It’s the cicada. And for parts of the US, it’s an insect that may only come out to visit every 13 or 17 years. Learn more about this fascinating and harmless visitor before the next decade-plus goes by.


Don’t Let the Junebugs Bug You

There’s nothing like enjoying a warm evening outside and then getting hit in the head with a Junebug. While such an encounter may freak you out, the real horror behind these harmless beetles occurs when they first emerge – as white grubs feeding on your lawn.


Easy Integrated Pest Management

Insects can bug you in the garden, but don’t reach for the chemicals yet. Remember, some creatures actually help you out! Help keep beneficial insects in your garden – and reduce populations of the pesky ones – by learning and practicing the seven steps of integrated pest management (IPM).


Fire Ant Treatment

Let’s take a look at several effective – and ineffective – methods to treating those pesky, pain-inducing fire ants.


Got Termites?

Concerned about termites? Don’t jump to conclusions. Get the lil’ buggers properly identified first to learn if you even need to do anything to protect your home or yard from these wood-loving insects.


Hiring a “Green” Pest Control Company

Chemically bombing pests away doesn’t cut it in today’s world, as it only endangers our health and environment. If you’ve got a pest problem that’s grown out of control, find an environmentally-friendly control company – and know what to ask to confirm it lives up to its “green” claims.


How to Bag a Bagworm

Bagworms are essentially caterpillars that live within cases they construct from their own silk and bits of plant material. These pests feed on the foliage of many tree species and can cause lots of damage, but they're easily controlled if you identify them early and follow a few steps.


How to Pick a Pesticide

Have a pest problem? Need to know how to pick a pesticide to control it? This article will help you choose.


How to Use Insecticidal Soap

Insecticidal soap is a great tool for any gardener’s plant management program. Knowing how to use this product – and understanding its limitations – is key to successful pest control.


How to Use Sticky Cards

Sticky cards help trap insects for identification or to trap out some of the adult population infesting your plants. Here’s how to use this valuable tool.


Integrated Pest Management: Part 1

Want to keep the pests away without using chemicals? Practice integrated pest management! Learn the basics of this important method – from what IPM is to how it helps prevent pest problems.


Integrated Pest Management: Part 2

Part of practicing good integrated pest management is knowing how do properly deal with a particular pest problem. Use the following options as a guide in ridding your garden of insect pests.


Japanese Beetle-Mania: All You Need is Love (and Patience)

Japanese beetles are chewing pests that make a feast out of foliage. There’s a lot of talk about the different methods used to control these unwanted garden visitors. Here are a few techniques that might work for your infestation problem.


Make Mosquitoes Bug Off!

It’s hard to enjoy outdoor living when those pesky mosquitoes buzz and bite! Keep them at bay by understanding what attracts them – as well as what keeps them away.


Meet the Fire Ant: An Introduction to an Exotic Pest

Learn where fire ants came from, where they’re going and how to identify them..


Mosquito Patrol

Mosquitoes bite! They turn our arms and legs into their own personal banquet tables and can breed in the shallowest of water – from fish ponds to rainwater in a child’s toy. Here’s how to keep mosquito populations down in your own back yard.


Read the Pesticide Label!

Using pesticide properly isn’t terribly hard. There is one all-important place to start: the label. Learn what to look for on the label, and find some tips to get you started with pesticides the right way.


Slaying Slugs ’N Snails

Slugs and snails eating up your garden? Get back at ’em with a combination punch of cultural, physical and chemical controls – and, of course, a good ol’ can of beer.


Stone Fruits and Spider Mites

Protect your stone fruit trees from spider mite attack with the proper identification and management practices of this annoying pest.


Tequila Worms and Agave Meltdown (When Snout Nose Weevils Attack)

There’s just one pest that brings down the mighty agave, and it’s preserved in bottles of Mexican tequila. Learn how the snout nose weevil attacks these beautiful succulents, as well as ways to cope with the devastation.


The Hollyhock Sawfly

Something turning your hollyhock foliage into Swiss cheese? Chances are you’ve got a case of the hollyhock sawfly. Learn more about this little leaf-munching holey terror.


The Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

You see these little lady bugs everywhere, and for many people, the multicolored Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis, has become a nuisance indoors. Nevertheless, they do a great job of helping reduce many pests in the garden.


The New Thrip in Town

Chilli thrips are a new pest in the continental US and are already causing big damage, starting in Florida and Texas. But these states aren’t the only ones at risk. Learn the latest on these tiny invaders and how to help stop them – no matter where you live.


Tick Talk: How to Remove an Attached Tick

While most ticks aren’t infected with diseases they can vector to humans, some are definite health risks, making it important to get any tick off of you – and off of you properly. Here’s how, as well as what to do with the tick afterward.


To Bag or Not to Bag? (That is the Question)

Japanese beetle bags dot the lawns of many Americans. But are they actually helping to fight the battle against this pest? Find out from our own insect expert – the Buglady!


Tree Cattle (Ever “Herd” of Them?)

Tree cattle, a.k.a. bark lice or psocids, are harmless insects responsible for amazing shrub and tree webbing. Found in herds, there are many insect species in this group. If you’ve found strange webs on tree limbs and trunks, don’t panic. If they’re tree cattle, they’re harmless to your plants.


Understanding and Controlling Palmetto Weevil

The palmetto weevil is a large pest that can cause large damage to palm trees. Learn more about this insect, as well as how to control it.


What is Insecticidal Soap?

Contrary to what you may have heard, kitchen soap is not an effective form of pest control – but insecticidal soap is. Understanding the difference between household soap and this helpful landscape product can really help you clean up the garden of unwanted pests.

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