Beneficial Insects


Attracting the Good Guys to Your Garden

Attracting native beneficial insects to your yard not only helps rid your garden of pest insects, it reduces the need for pesticide use. Learn how to attract these beneficials to your landscape.


Bee-come a Bee Hugger

Attention home gardeners: It’s time to help the bees! Populations are dropping at an alarming rate. Learn what you can do to make the world a better place for these beneficial creatures, so they can help our environment by doing what they’ve been doing for millions of years: pollinating!


“Bee” Kind to Bees

Don’t “bee” scared! Bees are actually a gardener’s best friend. Without their pollination efforts, your flowers and crops would fail. So choose the right plants for your garden and help this beneficial creature bee all it can…bee!


Buying Ladybugs: Why Mother Nature Wouldn’t Approve

Everyone loves ladybugs, but should you buy them and bring them home to release in your garden? Mother Nature wouldn’t approve because this reduces natural populations – and besides, they don’t provide much help against problem pests in your landscape.


Getting to Know You: Ladybug Identification

Ladybugs come in so many colors and sizes, it’s hard to keep ’em straight. Here’s a simple photo guide to the most common ladybird beetles you can find in your garden, chomping away on pests.


Introduction to Beneficial Nematodes

What are nematodes? Are they good? Are they bad? Learn all about them and how they can help you in your lawn and landscape.


Three Scary Bugs

Take a better look at three garden critters that tend to be misunderstood. They may seem like creepy invaders to you, but to your garden, they’re actually the good guys (or mostly so).


Twinkle, Twinkle Lightning Bug

Lightning bugs are as American as apple pie, but how much do you really know about them? Let’s learn more about these beneficial insects that light up our nights!

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