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You say “dirt,” we say “soil.” Either way, there’s more to that brown (or red) stuff than meets the eye. While soil is largely composed of nonliving minerals, it’s also full of microscopic bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes and other soil organisms, so it needs to be treated well. The articles here dig into this important matter, including the importance of soil testing and amendments. Uncover this dirty gardening secret – and help your garden grow!

What's Inside


Many garden articles describe a fertile soil as “loamy,” but what does that mean? Understand the basics of soil types to help identify what you’ve got to work with in your yard. Once you know what type of soil have, you’ll be better prepared to help your garden grow!


Improving Soil

Whether you’re growing plants in the ground or in containers, the soil you use is critical for gardening success. How you go about improving it depends on a number of factors. Check out the articles here to help you determine your garden’s needs.

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