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About Weeds

A weed is simply a plant that’s out of place. Do you have any misplaced plants in your garden? Learn how they got there and how you can get yourself (and your garden) out of that weedy situation. The articles in this section look at this common garden problem that every home gardener faces, no matter how experienced the green thumb. By employing some good weed management strategies, you can help minimize – and possibly eliminate – the problem.

What's Inside

Weed Basics

Weeds choke your favorite plants and rob them of nutrients. What’s more, they can take over the garden and invite more pests to visit. Fortunately, you can keep these pesky plants (and the problems they cause) under control if you understand the basics and keep up on garden upkeep.


Weed Prevention & Control

Some weeds are easier to control than others. The good news is that if you stay on top of these unwanted plants in the garden, prevention and control gets easier. The following articles can help you get started!

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