Sunflower Sunflowers for the Kids

When it comes to gardening with children, sunflowers can be great tools. Use them to educate kids about seeds and how plants grow, all while creating magical moments!
Succulents Succulents on the Side (Yard)

You don’t need to live in the desert or semi-arid regions to grow a succulent garden. Growing one along the side of your home is a great option to help boost property value.
Reflect on Light Mobiles


A homemade garden mobile is a unique and cost-friendly way to transform your outdoor living space into a sparkling sanctuary. Featuring colorful beds and mirrors, light mobiles can be hung just about anywhere. Invite more color, light, movement and wonder into your outdoor living space by learning how to make your own. (Take a minute to reflect on the possibilities!)

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Strawberries Strawberry Yields Forever

Strawberries are full of goodness on many levels – so don’t let them go to waste! Learn how to get the berry most out of your ruby-red harvest.
Herbs and Soap Grow an Herbal Bath

Herbs do more than spice up meals. With the right plants, you can create an amazing soak in the tub. Learn how to relax with a homegrown bath.
Heirloom Pumpkins Exceptional Heirloom Pumpkins

Get the kids outside and away from technology. These fun, quick and easy projects can keep children busy in the garden and using their creativity (instead of a game controller).