Pineapple Grow a Pineapple

Turn the top of your cut pineapple into a tasty treasure! It takes patience, but once it takes root, pineapple can be an easy-to-grow tropical houseplant.
Quiche Eggs-travagant Dishes From Your Garden

If you grow vegetables, chances are you’re looking for new dishes to use them in – and these egg recipes fill the bill (and tummies)!
Arrange to Lose the Winter Blues

Flower Arrangement

Don’t let winter stop you from enjoying the flowers! Brighten up your indoors with a little help from your garden. Even on a cold and dreary winter day, it’s a pleasure to go into the garden to harvest some materials for an arrangement. And yes, even in the darkest weeks of winter, there are materials to glean (like interesting branches, including those of flowering shrubs and trees that have flower buds at their ends). Learn how to make an elegant, simple and inexpensive arrangement using a few things from your winter landscape as the inspiration.

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Child's garden drawing Planning With Young Sprouts

Winter is the perfect time to start preparing your children for the joys of gardening this upcoming season. Sit down and get planning – together!
Light mobile Light Mobiles for Home & Garden

A homemade garden mobile is a unique and cost-friendly way to invite more color, light and wonder into your outdoor living space or home.
Table-Top Tree Take Your Plants to New Heights

Why spend money on expensive tabletop plant décor when you can create your own? There’s certainly nothing “standard” about this project!