Window Rooting Art That Takes Root

Create a piece of art that decorates your window and promotes new plants from cuttings. It’s fun. It’s inexpensive. And it gives you another place to start growing!
Water Reservoirs Build Your Own Water Reservoirs

Here’s a simple, effective way to solve your watering problems without spending a fortune – and it’ll help quench a plant’s thirst in even the driest conditions.
Peachy Keen


Summer is here, with all its hot days, growing gardens and wonderful-but-fleeting tastes. Nothing beats a perfectly ripe, homegrown summer peach, whether you pick it from a tree in your yard or pick it from a basket at your local farmers’ market. Just be sure to harvest, eat or store them when they’re at their delicious, juicy best! Read up on how to enjoy these seasonal treasures, from picking and storing to eating and savoring.

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Toad House The Toad Abode

Making toad houses from terra-cotta pots is a fun family project that creates beautiful, functional art for your garden. Add a little toad to your project load!
Herbs Tea Fresh Ways With Fresh Herbs

Grow herbs for pennies and make amazing dishes that taste like a million bucks! Check out some easy ways to use fresh herbs in your everyday cooking.
Drawer Planter Back to the Drawer-ing Board

Renew, reuse, recycle! Making a unique garden planter out of an old dresser drawer is an easy, inexpensive way to bring color and whimsy to the garden.