Planting Projects


A New Twist on Strawberry Pots

Looking for a unique container garden idea? Planting a strawberry pot with trailing groundcovers or succulents is an easy and affordable project that brings a fun, new look to an old-time container.


Back to the Drawer-ing Board (Clever Containers for Change)

Renew, recycle, reuse – it can apply to your garden, too! Learn how to make a unique garden planter out of an old dresser drawer. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to bring whimsy and color to the garden, as well as repurpose damaged furniture otherwise headed for the landfill.


Creating Terrific Topiaries and Superior Standards

Topiaries and standards are a unique way to add height and interest to a garden, balcony or entrance, as well as make wonderful year-around accents to outdoor and indoor living spaces. (Just be patient – they can take some time to grow.) Learn the tips to help get you started.


From Fannies to Flowers

Who says chairs are just for sitting? Turn your seat into something neat and bring garden whimsy to your yard with an easy-to-make, unique planter.


Forcing Bulbs for Winter Bloom

Fool your spring bulbs into winter bloom. You will add a touch of spring color to your indoor containers.


Grow Your Own Pineapple

Instead of tossing the top of your pineapple in the trash, turn it into a tasty treasure! Once rooted (and with a little patience), pineapple is an easy-to-grow tropical plant that can reward you and your family with sweet fruit for years to come!


Tabletop “Trees” – There’s Nothing Standard About Them!

Why spend money on expensive tabletop plant décor when you can create your own? A tabletop standard is a great way to introduce yourself to the art of training and pruning plants for indoor or outdoor use – and you can grow your own in as little as one season.

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