4 Step Food Garden


4 Step First Garden – the L2G Guide to Guaranteed Goodness

No matter where you live or how small your outdoor space, Learn2Grow can help you grow an affordable, bountiful vegetable garden. Join us for an easy four-week growing experience that will turn the newfound green in your thumb into more green in your wallet. Welcome to your First Garden!


4 Step Food Garden: Lesson 1 – Determining Your Garden’s Location

The first lesson in the 4 Step Food Garden program is a simple concept: location, location, location! Learn the easy steps to take when selecting that perfect spot for your edibles to grow – then set the foundation for a bountiful future of healthy, organic and affordable homegrown produce!


4 Step Food Garden: Lesson 2 – Planning (and Sticking to) Your Shopping List

You don’t need a lot of materials – or money – to get your vegetable garden growing in the bountiful direction! Lesson 2 of the 4 Step Food Garden: Plan your shopping list appropriately and stick to it…so you can start saving money before you even plant that first tomato!


4 Step Food Garden: Lesson 3 – Planting Once…and Planting it Right

You’ve picked your garden location and you’ve bought your supplies. Now it’s time for Lesson 3 in the 4 Step Food Garden: Planting your container vegetables! Here are the easy steps to getting your first vegetable garden off to a great growing start!


4 Step Food Garden: Lesson 4 – Eat, Tend and be Merry!

Congratulations: It’s a garden! You’ve planned, you’ve purchased, you’ve planted…and you’ve given birth to a whole new way of saving money! Now it’s time to nurture your plants for a productive vegetable garden season. Lesson 4 in the 4 Step Food Garden: Continued care for a continual harvest.

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