Attention fellow Americans: This is your year to grow your own food – to eat healthy and save money! It’s never been easier, and it’s never been so important!

Proud gardener

You don’t need a “traditional” garden plot in the back yard to grow your own bounty of fresh veggies and herbs.

Photo Credit: Ben Chevlen

Grape tomatoes

Imagine how much money you’ll save as you continually pick fresh and flavorful grape tomatoes right from your garden…as opposed to picking mediocre packs in your grocer’s produce section.

Kids and Earthbox

The 4 Step First Garden program is so simple, the kids can even grow their own vegetables – and grow them well!

Photo Credit: Michael Ferraro has gathered a top-notch team of experts from every corner of the country to get you started on the path to guaranteed growing victory. Whether you live in Maine or Southern California, have a large space to garden or just a corner of a balcony, our professional horticulturists, designers, farmers and gardeners can help you successfully grow your own organic, delicious food crops. (Yes, even if your green thumb is far from green!)

We’ve studied first-time gardens, as well as their most common causes of failure. This four-week program has been designed by our expert team to help save you from these pitfalls so you can stay on the right growing track – one that leads to a bountiful harvest!

The 4 Step Food Garden™ is the ideal starter project for any individual or family. And because it’s all grown in a container, everyone can participate – from the city dweller to suburban or rural resident, renter to homeowner. All you need is a sunny spot for a container and a desire to learn how to grow your own produce. (And what could be better than eating healthier for less money?!)

Each week we’ll take you step-by-step into the rewarding world of food gardening. In the process you’ll learn the important basics of containers, soil, plants and how they interact to create a thriving garden. And because these lessons apply to container gardens, as well as inground plots, they’ll become the foundation for a wonderful future of healthy organic homegrown food, no matter where you live.

So join us in this easy four-week growing experience – and learn how to turn the potential green in your thumb into more green in your wallet – while keeping you and your family eating healthy!