Can It!

Have you ever thought, “If only I could save my garden vegetables until winter…”? Well, you can! You just have to can them! Learn the different methods of canning your fresh fruits and veggies, as well as the importance of following the proper guidelines, so you can savor the tastes of summer any time of year.


Can It: Green Beans

Green beans are easy to grow and quite prolific – meaning you’ll probably wind up with more than you can eat during the growing season. Rather than force-feeding your family, try canning your veggies so you can spread out the beany goodness all year long. Here’s how…



Cherries aren’t just delicious – they offer many health benefits! Learn the power of this little fruit, as well as some tips for pitting and freezing.


Home Canning: Tools of the Trade

Home canning is a great (and fun) way to preserve your harvest to enjoy year-round. Don’t let the process intimidate you – familiarizing yourself with the necessary equipment is a great first step!


Make Your Own Dried Herbs, Infusions & Essential Oils

Enjoy your homegrown herbs year-round! Follow these easy steps to drying and making infusions and essential oils that you can enjoy for cooking, luxurious personal care and heavenly aromatherapy or potpourri.


Peachy Keen (A Passionate Peach Lover’s Primer)

Nothing beats a perfectly ripe, homegrown summer peach – or one you picked from the local farmers’ market. Here’s how to enjoy these seasonal treasures – from picking and storing to eating and savoring.


Preserving Veggies: Lined, Sealed, Delivered – They’re Yours!

Don’t let your homegrown produce go to waste! Storing vegetables properly is the easy, economical way to extend the harvest season – and investing in a vacuum sealer is a smart way to do it. Learn more about this helpful gadget designed to preserve veggies in the freezer.


(Red) Pepper Your Winter With Homegrown Taste – Freezing and Sautéing

Red peppers pack a powerful nutritional punch, and the flavor is unbeatable! Learn the easiest way to preserve your pepper harvest in fall – and later sauté it – to enjoy all winter long.


Share it, Save it, Sell it! (The Joys of Extra Produce)

It’s not uncommon for vegetable gardeners to harvest more than they can possibly eat before the “freshness” of it all wears off. Instead of gorging yourself, consider sharing, saving or selling the fruits of your labor.


Strawberry Yields Forever

They’re sweet, they’re good for you, and they’re one of the most popular fruits grown in back yard gardens. Strawberries are full of goodness on many levels – so don’t let them go to waste! Here’s how to get the berry most out of your ruby-red harvest.


Sweet Potatoes: Curing and Storage

The cool days of fall call for heart-warming foods. But are the sweet potatoes you serve your family the very best they can be? Follow these tips for curing and storage, and you’ll be sure that these sweet veggies live up to their name!


When You Have Too Much of a Good Thing… (Prolong Fresh Produce)

Eating all your fresh produce before it goes bad can be a challenge – especially once your garden is in full swing. Help keep your harvest (as well as your fridge) fresh and fuzz-free by following these four easy tips.

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