Holiday Projects


A Bit O’Green Floral Display for St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day calls for celebration! Give your party table a bit o’ Irish pride with this festive floral arrangement that won’t cost you a pot of gold to create!


An Easy Fall Centerpiece (Let Us Give Thanks)

Grace your autumn table – and Thanksgiving Day celebration – with a gorgeous centerpiece straight from your garden. All you need are a few festive candles and some natural materials from outside, and you’ll be giving thanks for this inexpensive way to decorate your home for the season!


Celebrating Kwanzaa – in Meaning and Decoration

Dec. 26 marks the beginning of Kwanzaa each year. Learn more about this special holiday, as well as how to create an easy Kwanzaa centerpiece that’s as beautiful as it is meaningful.


“Christmas Tree” Centerpiece

Looking for some holiday magic to decorate your table? Turn some ordinary flowerpots, cut foliage from the garden and a few blooms from the florist into this fun and festive centerpiece!


Create a Culinary Herb Swag

Let the flavors of the season spice up your kitchen all winter long with this lovely decorative herb swag. With a few fresh herbs and some items from the craft store, you’re ready to create this simple, aromatic decoration that’ll flavor your dishes for months.


Deck the Boughs With Holiday Bird Feeders

Let your holiday decorating go to the birds! Hanging colorful bird feeders and homemade bird-feeding decorations on an outdoor tree is a great way to bring life and sounds to an otherwise silent winter garden.


Easy Holiday Wreaths

Why spend a fortune on holiday wreaths? Decorating a simple grapevine wreath with plants in your garden is both easy and inexpensive – and your results can be just as elegant.


Forcing Fragrance: Paperwhites for the Holidays

Paper whites are easy-to-force, fragrant bulbs enjoyed during the holiday season. They make great gifts, and kids of all ages can easily master the art of coaxing these pretty plants to bloom indoors.


Holiday Arrangements From Your Garden

Your winter garden can still give you a bounty of choices for floral arrangements for the holidays. Get your creative juices flowing, your pruners ready, and head outside to find a bevy of beauty you can use to deck the halls.


Holiday Crafts With Sweetgum Pods

Don’t know what to do with all those pesky pods under your sweetgum tree? Transform them into natural-looking, festive holiday crafts in no time at all!


Holiday Decorating From Your Garden

Many of us love decorating our homes for the holidays, but it can get expensive. If you tend to spend too much money decorating each year, here are some creative, inexpensive ways to use what’s growing outside to make the inside of your home merry and bright!


Holiday Decorating: an Evergreen (and Ever-easy) Arrangement

Who says that holiday decorating has to be complicated? Some simple greenery from garden to vase can create stunning (and affordable) impact for the festive season.


Holiday Pinecone Crafts

Before the weather turns frightful, get out there and collect some pinecones for a holiday craft the whole family will enjoy. Add a little imagination, glue and art supplies, and you and the kids can make some creative decorations – as well as fun memories.


Holiday Swags From Your Garden

It’s easy to create festive swags to dress up your front door. Just head out to your garden and trim a few evergreens. Tie them together, add some fun accessories and you’re ready to welcome your guests with holiday cheer!


It’s a Wrap - Holiday Package Trimmings

Make your holiday gifts stand out under the Christmas tree with beautiful, natural decorations made from materials found in your garden. In a few simple steps, your presents are sure to be impressive both inside and out!


Make a Mini Tree…“Fir” Pennies

Looking to add to your holiday décor but not wanting to spend a lot of money? Turn to your garden! If you’ve got evergreens, you can make a festive miniature Christmas tree that can “spruce” up your home “fir” pennies. Learn how!


Partridgeberry: a Holiday Tradition

Partridgeberry is a beautiful, low-growing, shade-loving groundcover that you can enjoy in your garden year-round. But come the holidays, you can easily transform this outdoor beauty into a traditional holiday decoration: the partridgeberry bowl.


Pest-Free Pinecone Ornaments

Pinecone ornaments are simple to make and fun for the whole family. Learn how to dry, open and debug your pinecones for quick and easy holiday decorations for your trees, wreaths, centerpieces and packages.


The Poinsettia Bowl

The poinsettia is a common plant to help ring in the holidays. If you want yours to stand out from the crowd, create a beautiful poinsettia bowl. With a few cuttings from your garden and a shallow container, this easy-to-make decoration makes a great centerpiece for the holiday table.


Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

You’ve got the turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberries…and the rolls and the corn and Aunt Elsie’s green bean casserole. Did you remember the centerpiece? Here’s a simple, inexpensive way to keep your Thanksgiving Day table festive for the feast.


Seedson’s Greetings From Your Garden!

Looking for a personalized and inexpensive holiday gift? Give the gift that keeps on growing: seeds from your garden! Whether packaged in homemade festive cards or in a sparkling Christmas ornament, this is one gift that’s as fun to make as it is to give – and grow!


Spooky Sweetgum Halloween Crafts

You’ll have a howling good time making these cute Halloween crafts, turning the spiky fall fruit of sweetgum trees into spooky spiders or batty bats. Whether you use them to decorate your front porch or to scare the siblings, fun is guaranteed!


Wreaths and Swags for the Holidays

Decorating your home for the holidays can be fun for the whole family. It’s even more rewarding when the decorations you use are ones you’ve made yourself. Turn up the holiday music and grab the pruners – it’s time to make your own wreaths and swags!


Wow ’Em With Pumpkin Totem Poles

It’s pumpkin pickin’ time, and if you’re looking for a unique way to decorate for Halloween this year, consider making a pumpkin totem pole. Whether spooky or silly, it’s sure to delight the whole neighborhood.

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