The holidays are just around the corner, and many of us are looking for that perfect gift to give. What could be better than seeds straight from your garden? Flower and herb seeds aren’t difficult to harvest. And with a little creativity, you can package them into lovely cards and ornaments that send season’s greetings from the garden, as well as from the heart.

Reindeer seed card

Morning glory seeds make perfect reindeer noses!

Photo Credit: Amy Dee Stephens

Seed cards

Shakable “snow globe” cards are fun to give and to receive!

Photo Credit: Amy Dee Stephens

Baggie with seeds

Seal the baggie full of seeds and tape it to the inside front cover of the card.

Photo Credit: Amy Dee Stephens

Seed Ornament

Fill small, clear ornaments with seeds and use them to decorate packages.

Photo Credit: Amy Dee Stephens

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Reindeers’ Nose Card


  • Reindeer stickers or a reindeer rubber stamp
  • Blank mailing envelope
  • Sealable baggie
  • Seeds of choice
  • Hot glue or super glue


Arrange your reindeer design on the front of the envelope with stickers or a rubber stamp, or print a design off from your computer. Write your own message or use the greeting, “Merry Christmas from eight tiny reindeer…and me!” Glue a seed on top of each reindeer’s nose. Hollyhock seeds work well because they’re nice and flat (especially if you plan to mail the card), but morning glory or wild indigo seeds look more like reindeer noses.

Be sure to include the planting and care instructions on the back of the envelope, then fill the envelope with a small baggie of seeds for planting and seal it. Attach your homemade envelope to a package or hand-deliver it. If you choose to mail your seed packet, place the reindeer envelope into a larger mailer.

Now, who doesn’t like an interactive card? Here’s one you can shake:

Snow Globe Card


  • 1 page of holiday scrapbook paper (with a solid-white back works best)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sealable baggie
  • Seeds of choice
  • Stickers or other decorations of choice


Your first step is paper selection: While you can pick any solid color, I think the easiest and most festive is to just buy a holiday scrapbook sheet with a Christmas design on the front and a solid-white back (which gives you the white background for the globe when you fold it in half).

Fold the paper into a card shape and cut a circle in the center of the front – this becomes your “globe.” The circle needs to be a half-inch smaller than the width of your baggie. Decorate the front of your card with any greeting text you choose, using letter stickers, printed text from a computer or your own handwriting (some suggestions follow), then draw in the rest of the snow globe (if you’d like it to be part of your design).

You can draw the inside design of the globe or use winter-themed stickers or cutouts. Just position your design so that it appears centered in the globe when the card is closed. (If you select paper that isn’t white on the inside, cut out a white circle that’s slightly larger than the hole on the front and glue it to the inside of the card so it shows through.)

Next, seal your seeds into the clear baggie – making sure there isn’t much air left inside. Open the card and place the baggie so that it’s centered over the hole. (It’ll probably be sideways, with the seal facing left or right instead of the top). Tape around the three edges of the baggie (but not on the sealed side).

Write the planting and care instructions on the back of the card.

Snowman Variation

Draw a base under the globe and write “Shake things up this winter!” on the front. Then draw a silly, mixed-up snowman inside (or use colorful stickers to create a festive scene). Add your holiday message and signature inside the card. To have that traditional “snow globe look” when you shake the card, choose seeds that are small specks (like poppy or impatiens seeds).

Santa Variation

On the front of your card, write “Shake to see what Santa brought you this year.” The inside says, “Coal! Lots and lots of coal!” (Make sure to send this one to someone with a sense of humor!) Fill your baggie with dark round seeds that resemble lumps of coal, like partridge pea seeds.

Want to go beyond the card? Create an ornament!

Christmas Ball Ornament


  • Small, clear ornament globe with removable top
  • Seeds of choice
  • Large gift tag
  • String, ribbon or adornment of choice


A simple and unique way to decorate any Christmas package is to fill a clear ornament globe with seeds. Buy or make a large gift tag that can be tied to the ornament hanger with string. Put the recipient’s name on one side of the tag and the seed growing instructions on the other. Add ribbon and other tag embellishments of your choice, then attach your ornament and tag to a larger package. (Just make sure you don’t stack anything on top of the present that might crush your ornament.)

If you find yourself struggling for that perfect gift idea this holiday season, consider the gift of seeds. Friends and family will appreciate your thoughtfulness – and in the spring, they’ll thank you again as their garden sprouts beautiful plants that have come from your own garden – as well as your heart.