Arranging a Way to Chase off the Winter Blues

Don’t let winter stop you from enjoying the flowers! Brighten up your indoors with a little help from your garden. Here’s how to make an elegant, simple and inexpensive arrangement using a few items from your winter landscape as the inspiration.


Easy Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere (for a Happily Ever After)

Weddings are beautiful celebrations…and expensive. Help keep costs down – and elegance high – by creating your own stunning hand-tied bouquets and boutonnieres for the entire wedding party.


Cut Daffodils and Tulips

Daffodils and tulips make great cutflowers – if you know how to treat them. Here are the tips for keeping these springtime blooms fresh and lively in the vase.


Drying Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are beautiful summer flowers that dry well and then can be kept for years. This is a quick and easy project for fall.


Faux the Love of Floral Baskets

Learn how to make an easy flower arrangement that looks like a million bucks (without the hefty price tag)! This beautiful “basket” design dresses up the home, as well as makes great party or bridal shower centerpieces. Here’s how to make this affordable faux basket flower arrangement.


Floral Design Lesson 1: Materials and Tools

If you’ve ever looked at a beautiful centerpiece and told yourself you could never make anything like that, then wake up and smell the floral arrangement! Professional designer David Pippin is just a click away from getting you started in the world of floral design.


Floral Design Lesson 2: Growing, Buying and Conditioning

You’ve got your clippers, wires and scissors in your toolbox – now you need the major design “tool” – the plants. Professional designer David Pippin takes his floral-design series to the next step: growing and conditioning the stems you’re about to arrange.


Floral Design Lesson 3: Contemporary Design

You’ve got all the necessary tools. You’ve picked your plants. Now let’s get designing! In his third lesson in floral design, professional David Pippin shows how to create a contemporary arrangement, step by step.


Floral Design Lesson 4: “Look Mom – No Flowers” Design

You don’t always need flowers to create a beautiful arrangement. In his fourth lesson in arranging, professional designer David Pippin shows how to create a beautiful centerpiece without a bloom in sight.


Floral Design Lesson 5: Garden Basket

Wondering what to do with all those extra baskets in the house? Instead of filling them with magazines and toys, fill them with flowers. In his fifth lesson in floral arranging, professional designer David Pippin shows how to create a beautiful garden basket (to keep or to share).


Floral Design Lesson 6: Red-Hot Centerpiece

Bring a little flash to your party table with this red-hot arrangement. Professional designer David Pippin shows you how in this, his sixth lesson in floral design.


Forcing Flowering Branches for Springtime Bouquets

Get a preview of some of your favorite spring-flowering trees and shrubs by “fooling” the branches into blooming early for beautiful indoor bouquets. Here’s how to do it!


Love From the Garden (A Romantic Floral Arrangement)

Planning an evening for the special someone in your life (or in need of attractive centerpieces for a bridal shower)? Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to creating a beautiful, heartfelt floral centerpiece for your sweetheart – no matter what time of year.


Making the Cut

Want to make your cut flowers stay as fresh as possible? Use homemade solutions to get longer-lasting blooms.


Manly Flowers for the Guys

Flowers can be a great gift for the man in your life – as long as you keep it simple and practical. This easy and inexpensive arrangement focuses on some garden materials, a manly mug and some heart-felt offerings for some well-deserved time off.


Using Ornamental Grasses: Vase the Grace

Looking for a new flower arrangement idea? Using ornamental grasses works for so many seasons! Cut them for graceful interest in fresh floral designs, or dry them for use this fall and winter. Their stunning plumes and long foliage can take your arrangements to new heights!


Prolonging the Vase Life of Cut Roses

While the beauty of roses is recognized by all, few understand the specific care that will prolong the vase life of cut roses. A little care given right after you receive these special flowers will make sure your enjoyment of them doesn’t get cut short.

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