Guys have it so easy. Their gift-giving options – especially on Valentine’s Day – are usually straightforward and classic: flowers, chocolate and jewelry. We ladies have to think a little harder. What can you get a guy – especially a guy’s guy – for the most romantic, sweet, cutsie-cute day of the year…and beyond?

Finished manly arrangement

Give your sweetie a “manly” arrangement on those special occasions that may (or may not) call for flowers.

Photo Credit: Veronica Lorson Fowler

Manly flower arrangement materials

A travel mug with the logo of your sweetie’s favorite team or his alma mater is the basis of this arrangement. Add some evergreens from the back yard, three roses and some clever coupons promising a few of his favorite things.

Photo Credit: Veronica Lorson Fowler

Manly flower arrangement greenery

Add greenery from your garden. Evergreens are always available, and add nice texture. (This arrangement has holly and arborvitae.)

Photo Credit: Veronica Lorson Fowler

Roses in manly flower arrangement

Add three roses. (White is a basic color that goes well with nearly any mug.)

Photo Credit: Veronica Lorson Fowler

Gift coupon in flower arrangement

Write your coupons out by hand or print them on the computer, thinking about some of your beloved’s favorite treats.

Photo Credit: Veronica Lorson Fowler

Well, the answer’s easy: Flowers.

Yep. Flowers. Of course, you have to “man them up” a little with a sports mug, simple colors and some fun coupons promising him nifty things. So check out this easy arrangement for the fellas and use it as a nice way to tell someone you care about him. Simply cut some greenery from your back yard, add a few roses or other flowers you can pick up from your florist or supermarket, make some clever coupons and voilà – you’re done!

Not sure about the coupons? Just think a minute about what your guy wants the most. Maybe it’s an afternoon loafing in front of a game with no pressure to take on that honey-do list. Or perhaps he’s got a hankering for your made-from-scratch pie (and doesn’t even know it yet). Or maybe it’s a back rub, a full Saturday off to golf, a free weekend of hunting or a fishing trip with his buddies that he’d like. Whatever you’re willing to give, write it all down (or print it on a computer), cut them out, then attach them to the arrangement with ribbon.

The best part is this gift doesn’t cost a lot, but it really shows how much you’re thinking about him. Now grab a “manly” mug, and let’s start arranging!

Step One

Go out and cut some evergreens from your garden. (You can use just one kind, but it’s more interesting to go for a mix of lighter and darker, shiny and flat, feathery and solid.) Be sure to strip off all leaves that will be below the water line so they don’t decompose and foul the water.

Step Two

Fill the mug with tepid water, then add your greenery and roses or other flowers. (Usually three roses are enough for most mugs.)

Step Three

Print out your coupons on card stock and cut them out into heart shapes. Or cut the card stock into hearts first and then hand-write the coupons. (For a simple embellishment, I like to draw an outline on the heart.) Punch with a paper punch and tie up with a coordinating ribbon.

Once you’ve presented your special guy with the arrangement, he’s sure to display it proudly – with or without the coupons still attached. (You’ll have to see how fast he cashes them in.) But no matter where he shows it off, this manly and inexpensive arrangement is a wonderful reminder of the creative, thoughtful woman in his life!