A Homespun Fall Wreath – In Thanksgiving of the Season

Wreaths not only decorate your home, they create a warm welcome when hung on your door. With just a few supplies, a trip through your fall garden and a bit of creativity, you can design and make your own wreath to greet your family, friends and a whole new season.


Bow Making 101

That finishing touch for your gifts, wreaths and bouquets is just a few twists of ribbon away. Learn the one, two, threes of bow making to give all your presents, decorations and crafts and an extra-special, homespun feel.


Creating a Buckeye Garland

For a great fall project, make a garland out of buckeyes. It’s easy and inexpensive, and the kids can help.


Fall Decorating With Ma Nature

Decorating your home from season to season doesn’t have to be difficult – or expensive. Take your cues from Mother Nature, especially in fall. Use her color palate and natural design elements to beautifully dress up your space. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.


A Garden on Canvas

Monet had his waterlilies. Miller had his flowers in a blue vase. The art of gardening doesn’t have to end when the plants do. Paint what you grow and create your own garden on canvas – and enjoy your plants in a whole new way.


Gourds – Going to the Birds!

Gourds make pretty fall centerpieces and can nicely decorate a front porch. But why stop there? With a little creativity, you and your children can turn a regular old gourd into a unique birdhouse sure to impress your garden visitors (feathered friends included).


Greetings From Mother Nature

Create simple and inexpensive greeting cards any time of year with the bounty from your garden. Dried flower petals and leaves are just the beginning for this fun and different craft project!


Grow an Herbal Bath

Your herb garden can reward you with much more than fantastic meals. With the right herbs, you can create an incredible soak in your tub – either soothing or stimulating. Learn how to relax those aches and pains or rejuvenate yourself with your own homegrown bath!


Herbal Ornaments for the Holidays & Beyond

Before your garden goes to bed for the winter, grab some lavender and lamb’s ear to make easy – and elegant – ornaments from nature. Use them deck your halls for the holidays – and in your closets year-round!


It’s Time to Reflect (Light Mobiles for Your Home and Garden)

A homemade garden mobile is a unique and affordable way to invite more color, light and wonder into your outdoor living space or home. Featuring colorful beads and mirrors, light mobiles can be hung just about anywhere. Learn how to make your own…and reflect on the possibilities!


How to Make a Lamb’s Ear Bow

You can make a pretty bow out of ribbon, but can you make one out of plants? If you follow these five easy steps, you can! Here’s a different way to decorate floral arrangements, wreaths or gift packages – with a beautiful lamb’s ear bow.


Make a Tussie-Mussie for Your Honey Bunny

Looking for a fun, creative and inexpensive way to send flowers to the ones you love? Make a tussie-mussie! Originally given in Victorian times, these mini bouquets sit in a decorative paper cone and can brighten anyone’s day. (It’s also an affordable project to do with the kids!)


Making Decorative Paper (Write On!)

Turn unwanted paper into creative, textured stationery decorated with plant material. It’s simple, fun and a great project to do with the kids – and definitely something to write home about!


Plant O’Lantern

Are you looking for an interesting fall centerpiece or a great fall decoration for your front porch or walkway? Here’s an easy-to-make container that’s just perfect for the autumn season.


Pottery-Perfect Gourds

Wondering what can you do with a gourd? Love Pueblo pottery but can’t afford it? It’s easy to craft an inexpensive gourd into the style of these coveted Native American ceramics. Learn how to create gourds that look like pottery.


The Secrets to Great Garden Photography

A garden in full bloom is a thing of beauty – and all too fleeting. Capture the splendor of your favorite plants and enjoy them year-round by taking brilliant pictures of them at their peak. Learn some great photo-taking tips before your plants are ready for their close-ups!


How to Make a Succulent Wreath

With little expense and dexterity, you can make an unusual living wreath or centerpiece out of succulent plants. This simple craft offers some fun Southwest flavor and brings beautiful results that will impress year-round!


Whip Up a Whimsical Wind Chime

Why spend money on a store-bought wind chime? Follow these easy steps to make a unique wind chime that also serves as garden art, using old silverware and a decorative plate. It’s a simple, inexpensive project that will fill your garden with soothing music – and whimsy.


Window Art That Takes Root

It’s time to get crafty. The window rooter adds a new dimension to windowsill gardening – propagation! Create a custom piece of art that decorates your window and promotes new plants from vegetative cuttings. It’s fun. It’s inexpensive. And it gives you another location to garden!

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