A Day With Containers

Creating container gardens is actually very simple – and a pretty fun project to boot.


Dish Out a Kid’s Garden

Container dish gardens are a great way to work up some gardening fun, and they’re terrific projects to teach the kids a few planting basics. (And when you’re done, you’ve got a great gift or new addition to your garden or home décor!)


Easy Kids’ Garden Projects

Looking for ways to get your kids outside and away from the TV or computer screen? Here are a few fun, quick and easy projects they can make outside on their own that require some creativity (instead of a game controller).


Garden by Gracie (A Container Planting for Little Green Thumbs)

There’s no age limit when it comes to gardening. All it takes is the right plants and the desire to try. Here’s the simplest of planting projects that’s so easy, a garden-focused 3-year-old can do it. (With adult supervision, of course!)


Sunflowers for You and the Kids

Sunflowers are an easy flower to grow and a great way to teach children about seed-starting. (Bonus: These plants also provide wonderful benefits in the garden!)


The Toad Abode

Making toad houses from terra-cotta pots is a fun project that creates beautiful – and functional – art for your garden! Placed in the right location, you and your kids just might attract some beneficial pest-eating toads to your yard (and help shelter these special wildlife creatures in the process).

Regional Gardening Tips

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