It’s one of the first things you see when you walk beyond the patio and onto your lawn: those ugly utility boxes in the corner of your property. You may have considered masking these unsightly additions before, but your attempts – while a nice try – just didn’t cut it.

Design by Function Utility Screening

Screening unsightly utility boxes (or pond equipment) can be a great way to boost the look of your yard, as well as provide a little more privacy.

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With the right design and proper plant choice, screening unsightly utility boxes (or other equipment) doesn’t have to be an ugly task. In fact, it can be a great way to boost the look and feel of your yard, as well as provide a little more privacy to it. What’s more, it’s a simple design concept that brings great impact, height and color to an otherwise unattractive, unused and unappreciated corner of your property, no matter what the size. (And because “privacy” is one of the top three points that realtors and homebuyers look for in a landscape, a well-designed utility screen might even add to your property value!)

In this design, the planting bed’s simple curved line brings a gentle, restful presence to the garden, as well as interest. A few flowering shrubs and an evergreen will bring height and texture to the space, while providing a natural-looking screen to help block the unattractive utility boxes lingering behind. Pick your favorite upright or mounding perennials to add a splash of color and interest. If your patio space allows, add a few landscape roses or flowering shrubs along the corner edge as well to help further screen the view (and add more privacy) while you’re enjoying your outdoor dining area.

No one said you have to live with ugly. Why let those utility boxes ruin what could be a beautiful outdoor living experience? As long as the plants you select are ones that will thrive under your particular property conditions (drought-tolerant plants for your drought-tolerant area, sun-loving species for sun-loving locations, etc.), you can have a thriving planting bed that’s as beautiful as it is functional. It really is that easy!

Remember, when you shop for plants, pick the ones you like that match the functions identified on the plan!