Imagine stepping out into your back yard on your day off. It’s sunny. It’s warm. There’s a gentle, refreshing breeze. You inspect some brightly colored flowers that you hadn’t noticed the day before, now bursting from one of your patio containers. Your lawn is soft enough for a barefoot stroll over to the pathway arbor. And there, in the corner of your garden, butterflies are dancing from bloom to bloom.

Design by Function Butterfly Garden

It seems nearly everyone loves butterflies. With this great plan you can have your own butterfly garden!

View and print a larger version of this design.

You don’t have to be an animated character singing to the wildlife to make this garden dream come true. All you need are the right-function plants, a little cooperation from Mother Nature and this gorgeous butterfly garden design blooming to life in your yard.

The key to attracting butterflies to your garden is to select the plants that create and encourage a suitable habitat for them. This garden design helps you accomplish just that, using particular trailing perennials and flowering shrubs that help draw in these beautiful winged creatures.

While the right plants are key in luring butterflies to the garden, don’t just stop there. Consider adding some stepping stones near your garden bed that lead to an attractive arbor. Not only does this extra touch help define your space, it offers some nice height and variety to an otherwise flat, ordinary yard. Add a butterfly-attracting flowering plant to the arbor, and you’ll have more than just architectural interest fluttering about!

If your yard isn’t large enough to accommodate a big garden or any extras, that’s okay. You can modify this design plan to include just a few butterfly favorites that will still warmly welcome your airborne guests. As long as the plants you select are ones that fit the appropriate function in the design and will thrive under your particular property conditions (sun-loving species for sun-loving locations, etc.), you’re all set. Before you know it, you’ll be strolling by a gorgeous garden sure to give you the butterflies! (Singing to wildlife, optional.)

Remember, when you shop for plants, pick the ones you like that match the functions identified on the plan!