The first thing you notice when you walk out your back door is the yard in all its open glory: your patio, your lawn, your neighbors staring right back at you... You like having an area for the kids to run around, and you enjoy watching them play, but your “open” outdoor living space also feels open to the entire neighborhood. Even more disappointing, this lack of privacy from the property next door is stopping you from fully enjoying your back yard.

Design by Function Privacy Screen

Pick the plants that match the identified functions. The result is a great new landscape that matches your taste!

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A privacy screen is a beautiful – and smart – way to block undesirable views and provide a private outdoor area that your family will love. What’s more, it’s a simple design concept that brings incredible impact, height and color to a yard, no matter what the size. And because “privacy” is one of the top three points that realtors and homebuyers look for in a landscape, a well-designed living screen can add to your property value!

You’ve probably seen a few back yards that use a single, straight row of evergreens as a sort of “fence” to enclose a property. A privacy screen uses plants in a similar way, only this design gives you the opportunity to create a simple, but gorgeous, mini landscape – not just a boring line of trees – that helps block what you don’t want to see. And because you’re planting along the inside of your property line, you’ll still have some open grassy area for your family to enjoy.

So here’s the design – you pick the plants that work best for you – from the evergreens and flowering shrubs right down to the foundation plantings and annuals. As long as the plants you select are ones that will thrive under your particular property conditions (drought-tolerant plants for your drought-tolerant area, sun-loving species for sun-loving locations, etc.), you’re good to grow. It really is that easy!

Consider the design, pick out your plants, and before you know it you’ll be relaxing on your patio, watching your kids run around – only this time, without an audience.

Remember, when you shop for plants, pick the plants you like that match the functions identified on the plan!