Special Projects


A Tree for Mac

Commemorative trees are a meaningful way to remember a person or event in your life. Consider dedicating space for a Commemorative Grove, where others can plant trees to create a lovely spot and sit and recall the past and enjoy the shade.


Gardening From the Kitchen Table

Winter’s the perfect time to plan your garden for the season ahead. Spend those chilly months with the right tools, time and a little research, then come spring you’ll be ready to jump right in with your design – and make this your best growing season yet!


Garden: Swamped (for Plants That Like it Wet)

Making a home for plants that like it wet isn’t hard to do. Just grab a shovel, a pond tarp and a weekend, and start digging to create a lovely raised-bed swamp that’ll keep even your thirstiest plants happy.


Making Room in the Great Outdoors

Large or small, an outdoor living space is meant to be functional – and enjoyed. Before creating an outdoor room of your own, think about how you and your family would like to use the space. Here are a few ideas to help give you the room you need.


Rockin’ Through the Garden (A Mini Planting Concert)

Rocks have held sacred places throughout history, from landmarks and memorials to the backbone of Japanese gardening. Take advantage of their past and turn that heavy rock “eyesore” in your yard into a beautiful mini garden that offers seasonal interest and color.


Simple, Plantable Paving

One of the easiest ways to make a path or patio in mild climates is to lay pavers on a bed of sand. Leave enough room between the pavers, and you can stick interesting plants in the gaps.


Wrangle Runoff With Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are becoming popular – and for good reason: They help reduce pollution in our rivers, streams, lakes and oceans, and they’re beautiful features in your yard that nourish themselves with channeled storm water runoff!

Regional Gardening Tips

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