Build a Straw Bale Cold Frame

Inexpensive straw bales can be used to create an effective cold frame for tender, young plants by insulating the leaves from winter temperatures.


Cheap Trick: Build Your Own Water Reservoirs

Do you have a planting bed that droops before you arrive home from work or a tree too far from the hose? Here’s a simple, effective way to solve your watering problems for pennies – and it’ll keep your plants healthy in even the driest conditions.


Extend Your Growing Season: Take It to the Hoop!

If you want to start gardening earlier in spring and extend your growing season later into fall, are looking to control pests organically or just want to protect marginally hardy plants over winter, a hoop house may be for you. Best of all, they’re easy and inexpensive to make yourself!


Garden Art: All Bottled Up

Bring some charm to your outdoor space with this inexpensive garden art idea! Bottle trees – iconic pieces of folk art – are finding their way into home gardens nationwide. Learn how they became a part of the contemporary garden scene and how to build a bottle tree of your own.


Quick & Easy Raised Bed Planters

It doesn't take much to build some raised bed planters. Your plants will love them.


“Rock of Ages” Plant Markers

It’s nice to know what plants are growing in your garden. But keeping track of dormant perennials can be tricky, and plastic or metal garden markers can detract from a garden’s beauty. Stone plant markers are an easy and inexpensive solution – and make attractive additions to the garden.


Step Right Up: Accessorizing Your Garden

Making stepping-stones from scratch is a fun and easy project to do with the family – and a great way to accessorize outdoor rooms for less money. Learn how to make a garden stepping-stone for your yard (or for someone else’s).


What’s Old is New Again: Refinishing Worn Containers

If you’ve got some old, worn-looking planters hanging out in the garage or shed, think about refinishing them instead of pitching in the trash. Learn an easy, cost-effective way to keep your lightweight pots looking new and beautiful – and your plants looking better than ever!

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