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Northwest & Northern California Gardens

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Region 2

Southwest, Desert, Interior Valleys Southern California Gardens

October Regional Gardening Activities

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We created this Regional Gardening home page to make it easy for you to find monthly tips for gardening in your region. Here you will find regional tips, most with links to articles, to help you with your gardening activities. Simply click on your region to get started.

Learn2Grow understands that gardening varies from region to region. That is why we customize all our articles. When you log in, the customization takes effect and the articles you see account for region, season and gardening level. You will not see this customization if you are not logged in.

Region 3

Northeast, Midwest, and Central
Plains Gardens

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Region 4

Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Gardens

Region 5

Rocky Mountain and California
Mountain Gardens

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Tropical and Sub-Tropical Garden

More Regional Resources

The Learn2Grow Plant Database is an excellent resource to find plants suitable for your region. Search for a plant and filter the plants to match your ZIP Code.