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Image of Nelumbo photo by: Mark A. Miller

Mark A. Miller


Image of Nelumbo lutea photo by: James H. Schutte

James H. Schutte

(American Lotus, Yanquapin, Yellow Lotus)

American lotus is a hardy aquatic plant that originates from the eastern and central United States. It is a parent plant for many of the hundreds of lotus hybrids and cultivars extant today.

The leaves are large, round, blue-green, waxy and stand above the surface of the water. In summer, large, long-stemmed, lightly fragrant, buttery yellow flowers fade to ivory with age. The fruits are large, woody, funnel-shaped, flat-topped pods with perforated holey tops containing round hard seeds....

Image of Nelumbo nucifera photo by: James H. Schutte

James H. Schutte

(East Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus)

The sacred lotus is a lovely aquatic plant that reveals luxurious and exotic, fragrant flowers above the waterline in the heat of late spring and summer. Huge, round, waxy, water repelling leaves are held over the water's surface of this native of tropical Asia. Flowers are as large as a dinner plate and are deliciously fragrant and can be colored white, pink, rose, red and any combination in between. Often there are small stripes of white or yellow on the bases of each petal. Bees and butterflies...