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Image of Agastache

Jessie Keith

(Color Spires® Orchid Hyssop, Hybrid Hyssop)

There are about 20 to 30 species that make up genus Agastache, which is part of the mint family (Lamiaceae). Commonly called hyssops, they have been long grown in floral beds and herb gardens and are admired for their beautiful summer flowers as well as their pungent, fragrant stems and leaves. All of these herbaceous perennials are native to North America with the exception of one species found in eastern Asia. Most are short-lived, existing in the garden for only three or four years before...

(Anemone, Harmony Orchid Anemone)

This Poppy anemone, ‘Harmony Orchid,’ is a tender perennial with ferny leaves and poppy-like flowers. It grows in a spreading clump that sends up a little forest of slender stalks in spring topped by open, multi-petalled light-purple flowers with a large, dark central disc. It is one cultivar among several in the Harmony Series, all alike except for flower colors, which range from white through pink, orange and red to blue. The parent species is native to the Mediterranean region, a clue to its limited...

(Rocket Orchid Tall Snapdragon, Tall Snapdragon)

Grown for its beautiful dark magenta blooms, ‘Rocket Orchid’ is a very tall, sturdy snapdragon that produces numerous, densely-flowered spikes. In fact, in 1960 it was chosen to be an All-American Selection for its vigorous and floriferous nature.

Commonly grown as an annual, snapdragon is actually a short-lived perennial that originates from southwestern Europe and the Mediterranean.

This old-fashioned, clump-forming bedding plant has medium green, lance-shaped leaves. From summer to fall...

(Argyranthemum, Galaxy Orchid Marguerite Daisy, Marguerite Daisy)

Throughout the growing season beautiful anemone-type daisies of magenta purple cover Galaxy Orchid. This free-flowering, compact tender perennial was bred by Graham Noel Brown in Cobbitty, New South Wales, Australia along with many other fine bedding Argyranthemum.

The tough shrubby Marguerite daisy is popular for its beauty and resilience. This tender evergreen perennial originates from the Canary Islands, Madeira and other regions in Macaronesia, where it survives in sunny rough...

Image of Bauhinia blakeana photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Blake's Butterfly Tree, Chinese Orchid Tree, Hong Kong Orchid Tree)

One of the most beautiful and serviceable of the orchid trees, Hong Kong orchid tree is sterile and a putative hybrid between two Southeast Asian bauhinias. (Some scientists believe it is a hybrid between Bauhinia purpurea and B. variegata, but they have been unable to duplicate the cross.) It grows to become a broad, spreading small tree and produces loads of variable deep pink blooms from fall to winter. Choose it as a specimen for drier tropical and subtropical gardens and landscapes.


Image of Bauhinia purpurea photo by: Maureen Gilmer

Maureen Gilmer

(Butterfly Tree, Orchid Tree)

Extraordinary orchid-like blossoms make this tropical tree one of the most beautiful available. Orchid tree is native to Southeast Asia and is well adapted to hot tropical climates as well as more mild ones. It grows to a medium height and has an open canopy.

This semi-evergreen tree loses its leaves in early spring just before it blooms, which really helps the showy flowers stand out. The exotic blossoms are spidery and rich magenta to pink in color. They literally cloak the entire tree creating...

Image of Bletilla striata photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Hardy Urn Orchid)

Hardy urn orchid is a terrestrial (ground dwelling) orchid native to China, Japan and Taiwan. It is grown for its lush foliage and petite, cattleya-like blooms. This orchid grows from short tuberous rhizomes (rooting, underground, lateral, swollen stems). A few upright, lance-shaped, dark to medium green leaves that are deeply pleated grow directly from the rhizomes forming clumps. Beautiful flowers appear on leafless stalks held above the foliage, opening from the bottom upward. Each typical orchid...

Image of Buddleja davidii

James H. Schutte

(Orange-eye Butterflybush, Orchid Beauty Butterflybush)

Grown for its elongated clusters of rich lavender-pink flowers, the compact butterflybush ‘Orchid Beauty’ is a tough shrub with an short rounded habit.

Asian in origin, it has dark gray-green leaves that are very silver-white when they first emerge. From summer to fall it produces clusters of numerous tiny tubular lavender-pink flowers with orange eyes. These are sweetly fragrant and appear at the ends of the branches. They will continue to bloom with greater regularity if spent flowers are...

Image of Catharanthus roseus

James Burghardt

(Madagascar Periwinkle, Mediterranean Deep Orchid Vinca, Vinca)

Mediterranean Deep Orchid vinca is a cascading tropical evergreen shrub that is grown as a tender perennial or bedding annual in temperate climates. Highly heat and drought tolerant, 'Mediterranean Deep Orchid' is everblooming and bears large, showy, circular fuchsia-violet flowers.

Plant this tough, sun-loving ornamental in beds, borders or containers and in butterfly and seaside gardens. In tropical regions it can be planted in mixed shrub borders or along a building foundation for a perfect...

(Madagascar Periwinkle, Pacifica Deep Orchid Vinca, Vinca)

Pacifica Burgundy Halo vinca is an exceptionally heat-tolerant tropical evergreen shrub that is grown as a tender perennial or bedding annual in temperate climates. Especially heat and drought tolerant, 'Pacifica Burgundy Halo' is everblooming and bears large, showy, circular flowers of deep fuchsia-pink with a very tiny white eye. It is well branched and excessive summer heat will not not cause the flower petals to elongate.

Plant this tough, sun-loving ornamental in beds, borders or containers...