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Image of Pelargonium tomentosum photo by: James Burghardt

James Burghardt

(Peppermint Geranium)

A scented geranium species native to southern Africa, peppermint geranium is grown for its highly fragrant leaves that smell minty, as the common name suggests. It survives as a sprawling, short-lived perennial subshrub in its native Africa but is most commonly grown as a garden annual. During the growing season, it bears spidery clusters of tiny white flowers with purplish markings. The plants are very low-growing, bushy and can be planted as a drought-tolerant evergreen groundcover in subtropical...

Image of Pelargonium tricolor photo by: Jesse Saylor

Jesse Saylor

(Three-colored Geranium)

This truly striking tender perennial originates from the Cape of South Africa. It is low-growing, shrubby and blooms all summer long. Its evergreen foliage is shallow lobed, fragrant, coarse and green. The whole plant is covered with fine, silvery hairs that give it a soft appearance. But, it’s the flowers that make this one of the most appealing of all Pelargonium species.

The name “tricolor” describes its striking three-colored flowers. The five-petaled blooms have two upper petals...

Image of Pelargonium

James H. Schutte

(Vancouver Centennial Geranium, Zonal Geranium)

The variegated gold and bronze foliage and clusters of brilliant orange-red, star-shaped flowers of 'Vancouver Centennial' really stand out in a container or sunny flower garden. It is no wonder that this tender perennial is so widely sold and planted.

Vigorous and easy to grow, it prefers full to part sun and average to fertile soil that drains well. Most hybrids, like 'Vancouver Centennial', are everblooming and appreciate regular deadheading. Enjoy this fine bedding plant in mixed beds and...