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(Spike Speedwell)

Offering a sturdy, semi-prostrate habit, Veronica ‘Tickled Pink’ is a heavy-blooming perennial whose dense spikes of bright pink flowers which emerge from low mats of handsome, dark green leaves. A sport of the popular cultivar 'Goodness Grows', this vigorous perennial displays its bright blooms throughout most of the summer months.

Thriving in full sun and reasonably rich, well-drained soil, Veronica ‘Tickled Pink’ is somewhat tolerant of dry conditions, but performs best with...

(Spike Speedwell)

Veronica ‘Twilight’ offers multitudes of long, rich, violet-blue flower spikes atop dense, sturdy clumps of glossy, toothed, dark green foliage. Originally bred in the Netherlands, the fresh, cool-toned flowers of this vigorous, compact hybrid add color to the garden over a long period from early summer through midsummer.

Thriving in full sun and reasonably rich, well-drained soil, Veronica ‘Twilight’ is somewhat tolerant of drought, but performs best with regular moisture....

Image of Veronica umbrosa

Gerald L. Klingaman

(Creeping Speedwell, Georgia Blue Speedwell)

Georgia Blue creeping speedwell is a vigorous, evergreen, carpeting perennial native to Ukraine, the Caucasus, and southwestern Russia. From spring to early summer, cobalt-blue saucer-shaped flowers with white eyes cover its cultivar 'Georgia Blue', with a scattering of rebloom later in the season. The small, glossy leaves turn bronze tones in winter.

This plant performs best in full sun in well-drained soil. Use it as a groundcover or edging or as a container or rock garden plant.

Image of Veronica

Yoder Brothers

(Creeping Speedwell, Waterperry Speedwell)

Veronica 'Waterperry Blue' is a trailing evergreen perennial that bears masses of small blue white-eyed flowers from spring to early summer, with a scattering of blooms thereafter. Its small, shiny leaves are green with purple tints from spring to fall and bronze-purple in winter. 'Waterperry Blue' likes well-drained soil and full sun to light shade. It works wonderfully in rock walls, between pavings, or as a ground cover. It is deer resistant and attracts butterflies.

Image of Veronica

Jesse Saylor

(Spike Speedwell, Veronica, White Jolanda Speedwell)

The genus Veronica encompasses about 250 annuals, perennials and subshrubs, most of which are native to the temperate areas of Asia and Europe. Commonly known to gardeners as speedwells, bird’s eyes, or gypsyweeds, these adaptable plants occur in a variety of habitats ranging from moist meadows and grasslands to dry, rocky alpine areas. There are many species, cultivated varieties and hybrids of Veronica that have yielded numerous garden-worthy selections.

Speedwells are variable...